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Today, we have the 3 best young sex dolls Lydia, Anita, and Kent are here to share them love story with you. Let’s get started.

168cm Real Girl TPE Sex Doll – Lydia

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Lydia is a real army girl-looking TPE sex doll who has a very slim body. As a soldier, she occupied very strong and beautiful muscles, and her D cup size boobs are very catchy. There are lots of male soldiers like her because of her cute and beautiful appearance. 

I first met her at a small bar. Lydia and some other female soldiers were having fun there. She really drove me horny with the sexy dance moves that make me so crazy about her. When she went to the lady’s room, I followed up and found her waiting in line. I told her she could go to the male’s washroom as nobody was there, I have checked a minute ago. She agrees and said thanks. I stood in front of the stall in case someone came in. When she finished and began pulling up panty, I stopped her. Then I told her she is such a cutie and made me crazy. She punched me on my face, which really hurt.

I do love such a spicy type. Then I fought with her and forced her knees and spread her legs apart over the sides of the toilet seat. I unzipped my pants and moved closer to Lydia. As my huge cock popped out, I asked her to touch it and got me hard so I can explore her. By this time her wild slutty side was in full control. So she took my cock and rubbed it as she flicked her tongue over the tip. While she was doing this, I was rubbing her soft boobs. I sat down on the toilet and had her face out. As I pulled her down on top and guided my cock into her very wet wanting opening. Slowly my cock eased into her tight pussy and it felt so good. Soon I was all the way in and she was grinding on top of me. I had my hands around her boobs yanking on her nipples as she bounced up and down in pleasure. Her deep, tight, and wet vagina made me cum eventually.

Never imagined having sex with a such sexy soldier, she will be mine. We still hang out when she is available to come. When the next date comes, I will ask her to be my girlfriend.

Lifelike TPE Sex Doll

European Red Hair Slender Sex Doll With B-Cup-Anita

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Anita is the 2021 best red hair young sex doll who has the most elegant makeup and a beautiful appearance. She is one of the most popular dolls in our shop. Her red hair is a prominent feature of her. She works in a big chain marketing company as a manager. 

The company had chosen Anita as a delegation to represent in an international affair in one of the countries abroad. So she flew by plane and arrived at her pre-reserved five-star hotel room. After finished her work, she decided to go shopping in a nearby mall. She bought a set of sexy lingerie and can’t wait to try it on.

I work in this hotel for room service and had to serve a cup of drink for room 118. When I rang the bell, I suddenly saw Anita only wearing lingerie on her naked body. She smiled and allowing the door to open wide, tell me to place the drink on the coffee table, I obviously could not control my eyes to look at her sexy body. Her slim body but with huge C cup boobs was really hot.

I placed the drink over the table in front of her and handed her the bill and a pen to sign it, she took them from my hand and I felt an upsurge of emotion from my head. I can’t control and grab her slim waist with both hands. I started applying force and pushing my cock into her pussy, which wasn’t a hard process, as her pussy was runny wet and the pussy lips had already gotten engorged. I placed both of my hands over her soft tits and started rubbing them, pinching her rock-hard nipples, placing a few quick soft kisses on her neck and cheeks, her smooth and tender skin made me out of control. It’s really exciting to have such an alluring hottie who is proactive to seduce me when I feel down and frustrated. 


165cm Girl Fuck Male Sex Doll-Kent

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Kent is an English teacher at a small local high school. He was known for being a bit of a peacock, overly confident with favoritism toward his athlete students who played for him on the baseball team. He was newly divorced. You are one of his English class students. 

He is your self-identified type and you had this raw primal compulsion toward him. A lithe collection of muscles filling out his shirt from his time working out. Clean trimmed short blonde hair was a nice change from the typical close-cropped look of men in the Midwest. Deep blue eyes whose magnetism made it difficult to look away. That being said, my favorite feature was his sharpness of nose. Many times I had imagined sitting on his face, writhing as I ground the slickness of my pussy onto his nose and mouth. 

We went camping with classmates in the summertime. I encouraged myself to go to his tent that night. Surely Kent refused me and asked me to leave. But finally, he agreed to have a one-night stand. He has a 7 inches penis estimated and was impressively thick. He snickered from behind, turning me so that my knees were on the floor and my front lying on the ground. He was going to fuck me Doggystyle. Sooner wonderful velvet stretched me an opening, shoving its way deeper inside me. I felt his pelvis hit my ass as his hips slammed into me. My pussy felt like it was on fire. With each thrust, I groaned. He gave my ass a quick slap, leading me to yelp. His hand moved to my breast while the other rested on my hip guiding me over pelvic dance. I bounced back and forth to meet his rhythm as he quickened. Faster and faster it hit me, his groaning became louder, and finally gasped out.

I have to admit that Kent is a good sex partner that he knows how to please girls. Even we are now still a teacher and a student, but I will never give up him for rest of my life. 


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