2020 is a special year for many people, as well as the sex doll market. During the pandemic, the sex doll industry is booming crazy and people are trying to find someone to company them in lonely and boring quarantine days, so here comes the lifesize sex doll. 

In addition, we believe that the growing fierce competition of sex doll manufacturers will not stop in 2021, and there are a lot of sex doll sellers who can’t wait to share the huge market. 

Acsexdolls has in this business for more than 5 years and gained a lot of love and trust from our valuable customers. Besides, we have a real sex doll factory to provide the best and high-quality realistic love doll for sex doll lovers or collectors, so that it makes us the one of leading sex doll stores in the industry. Therefore, we will continue to offer affordable and cheap price sex dolls to fulfill your sex desire in the future.

Sex doll is now becoming more and more popular masturbation toy for man and women. As it has a delicate shape and looks just like a real person, people who want to try new sex life are eager to have them in bed. It’s a great way to explore your body and sex desire when you are alone or lose some you loved. 

Now, If you are trying to buy yourself a new doll, this post is written for you. We listed the 5 best-selling realistic sex dolls in the first half of 2021. All of these dolls are selected by our customers and we believe they will meet your taste. Let’s get started now.

1. Karla

Small Tits Real Slight Sex Doll

Sex can be great when you with the right person. No man can resist a schoolgirl who looks sweet and cute named Karla. She is the top-selling mini sex doll in Acsexdolls. Our customers who bought her are satisfied with her small-sized body, super soft skin, and tight vagina. She is willing to give you happiness and a mind-blowing sex experience you never had before. 

Karla is your dream girl who lives in your next door, you can resite yourself to look at her when she passing by your door. And she always admires you and willing to be your secret girlfriend. Dress her up with a different Japanese school uniform, you will be surprised why she is the best-selling little doll. Anything you like to explore with Karla, she is yours now. Besides, she is in stock and you can take her home for only $300, the cheapest full body sex doll is waiting for you. 

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2. Lydia

Real Girl TPE Sex Doll

Have you had a sex fantasy about a female lieutenant? Now your dream has come into reality. Lydia is made to be a real female lieutenant and ready to serve you as your sex partner or companionship. If you are a real soldier who loves to challenge your superior like Lydia. Nothing can’t stop you to bring her home now. 

Lydia is made of TPE material which can bring you the most realistic touch feeling and soft, smooth skin, she has tanned skin and a perfect body shape that can meet all your wildest sex desire. 

Lydia is a blonde beauty who likes to level up your sex life with her wobbling medium breast and small waist. She is good at blowjob and ready to give you a non-stop sex orgasm. With the metal skeleton build inside of her, she can pose any sex position for you and give you the confidence to explore your body more. She is the one who will teach you how to please your body. Having such beauty in your bed would be the best investment. 

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3. Jeannette

Japanese Anime Small Tits Short Sex Doll

Jeannette comes from the forest, a small elf fantasy girl comes into your life now. She is replicate the female body parts and face to achieve the realistic feeling of anime characters. Jeannette has big and bright eyes, beautiful and small breasts that help you to connect to the anime characters. If you are a lover of elf characters, Jeannette is the best option to meet your sex desire when compared with other regular sex dolls. 

Jeannette has a mini-size body and a 100cm height that makes her easy to store and hide. She can hide in your closet, bed, and suitcase, no one will find her if you live with your family. Besides, she doesn’t need much maintain and care, it’s easy to clean. She is quiet and sweet, eager to have someone strong enough to protect her. Will you be the one?

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4. Dominique

Big booty BBW love doll lying on the sofa

If you are a lover of BBW, then Dominique is the one who deserves your attention. BBW sex doll is labels the huge boobs, thick thighs, and big butts dolls, and Dominique is the best of these features. Her body and proportions are not in any way exaggerated, but with more natural-looking. She like wearing hoodies, in the dark, you may mistake her for a real woman. She got short and black hair, a thick and plump body, what’s more, the color of her skin is bright and shiny, with the delicate makeup that makes her the top-selling BBW sex doll in our store. She is the goddess that will make you crazy.

Dominique likes the man who is strong enough to carry her around, she likes to play SM with her dominant. She will never fail you in bed, sofa, and any places you want to have sex with. Furthermore, her thick thigh and huge ass are ready for you to penetrate. She will never say no on the bed and always happy to serve you anytime. Everything about this busty sex doll is special and designed for you. 

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5. Anita

Red haired sex doll

Are you a fan of a wild sexy college girl? College girls are full of energy and enthusiasm, they have young and tight skin, no much life experience. Anite is the one who will get your attention. She has long red curly hair which is exotic and sexy. Alluring eyes and sexy lips make her sexier than other small sex dolls. Her boobs aren’t enormous, but she’s got a round ass and a small waist. She is soft and nicely shaped and feels great in your arms. 

Anita is a super high-quality flat chest sex doll that is surprisingly realistic, made of TPE material, it’s no bad smell, soft and durable, and she’s flexible enough to sit naturally. Even if you press her skin hardly, her skin can return to its original place within 5 seconds. That small waist is really nice, and she’s even got the abs to show for it, and they sure feel good pressed against you. She is eager to show her sex skills, all you need to do is enjoy her wild sex. 

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Wrap up

Sex dolls have come in different sizes, styles, and colors. Therefore you have multiple choices nowadays, the above 5 best-selling love dolls are beyond your imagination. 

If you like other types of sex dolls, we have a huge collection for you to choose from, they have the best quality made of silicone and TPE material at the lowest price.

Stop jerking off now and please yourself with the best masturbation toy- the realistic sex dolls. We can offer you the best girlfriend with the perfect body you’ve ever seen, who’s always ready to fuck and doesn’t ask for anything in return.