2021 is a big year for our store, we have earned a lot of good reputation from the sex doll industry, and also gained tons of loyal customers that love our TPE sex dolls. As you all know, Acsexdolls devoted to sex doll development and design for a long time, we try our best to bring the best quality sex dolls to our customers, but we are not the best and still have a long way to go. 

In 2022, we will expand the sex doll market to let everyone who needs sex dolls have a better sex experience, in this case, the quality of the doll will still be our top priority, we hope that every customer will never receive a bad quality sex doll from Acsexdolls. This year, we have some new plans, we would like to share them with you.

New Cheap Chinese Girl Young TPE Sex Doll

Quality Always Comes First 

Honestly, some customers complained about our sex doll’s quality due to the cheap price, we can tell you that the cheap price doesn’t mean the bad quality, sometimes the price can be overcharge as some store are only a reseller, while, we own a factory that can produce and develop sex doll, so you are lucky to have us to bring you the affordable love dolls

In 2022, we will keep doing a good job and make sure that you will not receive a bad-quality sex doll. As you can see, we have a huge collection of TPE love dolls, this kind of material can make a sex doll soft, durable and healthy to use. What’s more, we have the best-selling silicone love dolls in the market. The silicone love doll is better than a full body silicone doll because the head of the silicone doll is made of silicone material, but the body is made from TPE, the best combination into one lifelike love doll to bring you the most realistic feeling of a doll.

Asian New Short Hair Big Boobs TPE Sex Doll

Shipping Deliveries On Time to the USA, UK, and Europe

Everybody hates waiting, lucky for you, we have multiple warehouses in the USA, UK, and Europe, so you can receive the doll within 3-7days. One who owns a warehouse means they are serious about this business, and they are 100% legit. In 2022, we will stock all kinds of sex dolls to make you keep away from waiting, sex dolls can be shipped from the local warehouse that is close to you. You are guaranteed fast and instant delivery. 

Asian Top Lifelike High-end Big Breasts Sex Doll

Work With More Sex Doll Big Brands 

In 2021, we worked with the Piper doll, AXB doll, and we are doing our best to bring you a lower price than other stores. Yeah, we love money, who doesn’t love earning more money, but we love to gain more loyal customers than one-time sales. In 2022, we will work with more sex doll brands, bring you more sexy lifelike sex dolls. If you have a specific brand, you can tell us through email or online chat. 

Sweet Girl Looking AXB sex doll

More Sex Toys Will Coming In

Sex toys will increase the pleasure time in bed for a couple as much as they would do for singles. What’s more, sex toys just like sex dolls, give you pleasure at any time of the day without asking for anything in return. For the last few years, we have had a huge collection of sex dolls and sex doll torsos, in 2022, we are about to have more sex toys in our store as you requested. It may include dildoes, vibrators, and more. If you have other thoughts, please let us know.

difference of sex toy

Keep Updating the Sex Doll News

Wow, we have already written 66 posts, what a great number! This year, we are going to share more sex doll news and guides to help beginners or sex doll lovers to know more about the sex doll industry. If you have some interesting topic you want to know, please comment below, we like to know your thoughts. 

Best Customer Service and No More Waiting

Our customer service is always something we love to brag about because we respond quickly and get in touch easily. We know that we may have an excellent product, but if our customer service is unhelpful, unreliable, we will lose the loyal customer. Therefore, we always put our customer service as the top priority and make sure you guys can reach us without any waiting. In 2022, we will keep doing our job and give you any help as quickly as possible. 

asian lifelike love doll with big boobs

Who Needs To Buy A Sex Doll?

  • Someone who experiencing loneliness after the loss of your loved one or has been through a separation.
  • Someone who is just not able to or ready to invest their time in a relationship
  • Someone who has a kinky desire towards women.
  • Someone who has no courage to ask for a date in real life or if you are the kind of person who doesn’t want to learn or use social skills, then a sex doll is better than a woman. 
  • Someone injured or physically disabled, but still have sexual needs.
  • Gays, lesbians, and bi-sexuals are someone who shows great interest in a real doll.
  • Couples find the dolls a safe way to introduce another partner as there are no emotions. It’s sexual exploration without cheating.
  • Someone who fantasized about a sexual experience with their favorite celebrity or Putri Cinta nude pics, so they buy love dolls that are customized to look exactly like the famous star of their dreams.
flat chest sex doll kneels down

Final word

Acsexdolls is aiming to provide the high-quality and most realistic love doll for sex doll lovers and collectors, anyone who has a sex fantasy about a blonde sexy woman, a BBW, a skinny girl, but couldn’t get one in real life. We are here to satisfy all your needs. 2022 will be a great year for Acsexdolls because our goal is going to be the best sex doll store in this industry. What do you expect us to change for 2022? Any thoughts you can share with us in below comment section. We love to hear some feedback from you.