Sex dolls become the best sex toy that achieves more intense physical intimacy and closeness to couples, single men, and women. A sex doll is more than a sex toy, but also a good companionship for people who lose their beloved ones. You can customize your sex doll with the one you like, and she will never grow old, never get sick, and always be there for you. 

The sex doll market is getting more fierce, and the price is going up in recent years. Therefore, find an affordable sex doll is not easy for customers. As we have been in this industry for 4 years now, and we bring you the 15 affordable sex dolls without sacrifice quality.

1. Jeannette

Price: $300

Japanese Anime Small Tits Short Sex Doll

Jeannette is a Japanese anime girl, she has a tiny body, cute face with bunny ears on her head. She looks innocent and naive, likes wearing a different customer to make herself beautiful and attractive. She is made of TPE material which allows you to have a most exciting sex experience, she is soft, safe, and easy to store. If you like Japanese anime and cartoons character, then Jeannette is the one you can take home. She is low-priced, but the same quality compares to the adult sex doll.

2. Karla

Price: $300

A mini sex doll lying on the bed and touching her ass

Karla is an Asian schoolgirl sex doll. She is a sweet and adorable girl who had a ponytail today. She like older man who can protect her and hold her. She will be your best sex partner with her super good sex skills and tight vagina, also a good companion for you to spend every lonely night. Never leave you and only care about you, you will be the lucky man in the world.

3. Mary

Price: $300

Small face and big boobs mini sex doll

Mary is our top-selling small sex doll. Our customer loves her very much as she features a pair of big boobs, and a small body size, which makes her easy to move and store. You can store her anywhere like a closet, suitcase, no one will find her. She can be your longest partner, as she made by the high-quality- TPE, it’s safe, soft, and durable. Mary will be waiting for you every day when off the work. She can be taken home at the lowest price.

4. Betty

Price: $300

Black eyed mini sex doll

Betty is a young teenage girl sex doll. She is a sweet girl that cares about people very much. She is a good listener that you can have, and won’t tell anyone your deep secrets. She is soft and durable that can pose any sex position you like. Betty is an excellent love doll for anyone who is a limited budget. 

5. Bunny

Price: $300

Mimi young sex doll with c-cup

Bunny is quite a special one, she doesn’t have long hair like another small sex doll. She looks indifferent and sad, like no one care about her. Therefore, she makes many men want to protect her. Bunny has a hard childhood so she has some daddy issues, and wants someone can love her, hold her, do not leave her. She is in a mini size, it’s easy for you to carry and store. Made by TPE material, which is healthy, soft, and odorless. Are you the one who can protect her for a lifetime?

6. Lareina

Price: $540

Japanese Anime Sex Doll

Lareina is a lifelike sweet sex doll. She is the one that our customers like very much and has even come to the top 3 selling sex dolls in our store. She has small boobs and a skinny body which make her easy to carry and move. She is beautiful with her big and bright eyes, small and sexy lips are waiting for you to kiss. She is super soft and safe for any sex position, anything you fancy about, she will fulfill your needs.

7. Grace

Price: $540

TPE Sex Doll With Tan Skin

Grace comes from American, she is a fancy girl who has been loved by many men. She has a tanned skinny body that shows her healthy and tight skin. She has a beautiful and model-like face. She can fit on any cloth you buy, she worth every penny you spend. No one was regret to bought her in our store. Grace is featured with a metal skeleton so she is allowed to be position in any kind of pose. If you are the one who loves college girls, then she is your best lifetime girlfriend.

8. Lydia

Price: $540

Real Girl TPE Sex Doll

Lydia is a real lifelike TPE sex doll. She has a perfect figure and makes everyman crazy about her body. She looks like a solder, the tight limb, and tanned body make her more sexy and beautiful. She is a special one in our store because many men purchase her and bring her home to explore the army fantasy dream with her, she will never let you down.

9. Carina

Price: $540

Cute Charming Sex Doll With Blonde Curly Hair

Carina is an American blonde sex doll. She is the typical blonde girl who lives in New York. She like fancy clothes, jewelry to make herself more attractive. Carina Like party very much and enjoy dating with different gentlemen. But she still looking for her true love, will that be you? She is made of TPE material which you can feel lifelike touching and intense sexual experience. She is a sex-skilled woman that will bring you blow-mind orgasm.

10. Belle

Price: $540

Lifelike Hot Sexy Doll

Belle is a Korean girl who has long curly hair and an elegant face. She is quiet in the day but wild at night. You can explore every fantasy like a threesome, SM plays with her, she loves it. If you are the kind of person who likes a skinny body, and small boobs, Belle is the one that meets your desire. She can pose any position dut to her flexible joint built-inside of her. She is a mature woman but looks like a high school girl, a pair of big and black eyes make you want to have her immediately.

11. Gemma

Price: $40

Big Boobs Torso Sex Doll

Gemma is the 28cm big boobs torso sex doll, she is the one you can afford and also can experience exciting sex desire. Gemma has women feature with big boobs and vagina, anal, you can have all you need with one single sex doll torso. If you are on a very low budget, she is the one that worth taking home.

12. Betty

Price: $50

Realistic Male Masturbator

Betty has a D-cup size breast and it’s soft and perky like a real woman. She is 37cm in height and weighs 3kg that you can move and store her anywhere you like. Betty is the top-selling masturbator toy for beginners. If you are not ready for purchasing the full-size lifelike sex doll, then this sex doll torso is your first choice. It’s the same way to achieve your sex needs.

13. Vanessa

Price: $89

Life Size Sex Doll Torso

Vanessa has a curvy figure with c-cup boobs, she is a low-priced sex doll compare with the full-size realistic sex doll. You are allowed to have boobs sex, anal sex, vagina sex with her. She is small in size and only weighs 7.5kg, so move and pose her can be very easy for you.

14. Daphne

Price: $159

BBW Female Torso Sex Doll

Daphne will be your best sex partner if you only want a sex doll that fulfills your desire. She only weighs 1.1kg with a big and round butt. As she is made by the most durable and soft material-TPE, you can have a realistic sex experience with her. Her ass can bounce up and down when you penetrate her. Anyone who bought Daphne is super satisfied with her tight vagina. 

15. Sahna

Price: $36

Vagina & Anal Doll Torso

Sahna is a big ass sex doll. She is lightweight and easy to store. Her ass is molded on real women, and with a tight vagina, you can have an intense sexual orgasm. It is also a good visual enjoyment in front of you. Anytime you’re ready. Its holes should stay tight. No risk of pregnancy/STI’s. No need for warm-ups or foreplay as well, you can penetrate it when you feel like it.

Wrap up

Here are 15 of the cheapest and affordable realistic sex dolls for beginners. Choose the right one and explore your exciting journey with your loved girl. A cheap sex doll doesn’t mean bad quality, you have to pick the legit store online. Therefore, you can have a low-priced love doll with the same quality as the high-end sex doll.