A sex doll is also named a love doll, a blow-up doll, or a dutch wife. It’s a type of sex toy in various sizes or shapes of a real person. The sex doll may consist of an entire body with head, limbs, and body or other partial body parts, with the accessories for sexual stimulation, like the vagina, anus, mouth, and penis.

The demand for sex dolls is booming up during COVID-19 lockdowns. Janet Stevenson, the founder of the Florida company Sex Doll Genie, told Forbes: “We have lots of products in stock but we can’t work fast enough to keep up with demand.” The report found Sex Doll Genie’s orders up by more than 51% during February and March 2020.

Why are people willing to buy sex dolls? Human nature decides people need love and companionship. But not all of us have this privilege, many people stay single because of different reasons, but with the availability of sex toys or sex dolls, sexual urges still can be satisfied.

In this article, we handpicked the 8 best places to buy sex dolls in 2021, and help you choose the right one.

#1 RealDoll


The RealDoll is created by Abyss Creations, LLC in San Marcos, California, and sold worldwide. RealDoll is a high-end online shop that provides very professional services. The dolls are customized. Despite the basic options, like hairstyle, skin tone, eye color, breast size, etc. They also provide more advanced services, such as 30 more head options, 18 body sizes, makeup style, vagina style, and transgender, etc.

RealDoll also features RealCock so that you can order lifelike cock from them. The dolls sell from $6100 to $10000 or so. The price is expensive more than in other shops. The shipping charge isn’t included.



ACSEXDOLLS is the one of best realistic sex doll stores. They provide a huge collection of realistic sex dolls that are made of TPE and silicone material, include mini sex dolls, anime sex dolls, BBW sex dolls, big ass sex dolls, Japanese and Asian sex dolls, 100cm sex dolls, and more. Whatever you need, you can find it here. They made the dolls with a new medical-grade material that feels more like real human skin, having good shape body and flexible joints, she can pose any position as you desire.

Their goal is to provide the best realistic sex dolls that every man can afford. Here, you can always find your beloved one up to 50% off. Best part? They have overseas warehouses in Los Angeles, USA, Vancouver, Canada, Sydney, Australia, Czech Republic, Spain, Belgium, Russia, which means no additional taxes. After you placed the order, you can receive your doll within 3–7 days.

With online support and 24/7 hours of customer service, make the ACSEXDOLLS stands on the crowd.



SDG provides advanced customization services for the buyer. The price is on average like $2000 at least in which all services are already included. You can see your order progress from their website. Production begins within 24 hours from the order placed, 18–25 days photos sent for your approval, 30–33 days package delivery, 37–42 days package arrival. As it takes more than 1 month to receive it, the advantage is the doll will satisfy you definitely, but the disadvantage is too long waiting.


SW is a sex store that only sells luxury sex dolls. They have a special payment plan for customers who are not affordable to buy a sex doll. Get the doll now and pay over time, customers can slice the bill. Comparing to SDG, their delivery time is shorter within 1 month. The price is a little bit lower than SDG as well. They’ve got an informative website with FAQ and shipping & return policy. The shipping charge is not included but coupons are available on the website.



My fifth pick is SSD because their website design is easy to navigate with full of informative knowledge. SSD is also a WM doll authorized seller. But they carry other brands as well. It takes about 3–25 workdays for production. It means you will receive the package in a month or so. You can use the coupons to buy the sex doll at a lower price.

Free shipment to Asia, Europe, and North American. Other regions are not free to ship. Customization service is also available, and you can get an extra head for free now. But they don’t accept refunds, the replacement service depends on different occasions.


SRSD is one of the biggest online shops in the market. They have got various collections you have never seen. The sex doll price is from $1000 to $2000+. The torso masturbator is much cheaper than a full-size sex doll. The production is about 12–15 days, customers will receive the package within 3 weeks approximately. They don’t accept refunds because of customized service. But customers can cancel the order within 24 hours.

SRSD provides a very detailed customization service, and you can get an extra head for free now. But in some countries such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and South America import taxes might be required at delivery. The buyer is responsible for import taxes and fees.



JLD carries over 500 realistic TPE and silicone sex and love dolls in all body types, sizes & genres. They are authorized for only the best sex doll brands like WM Dolls & YL Dolls. They have more TPE dolls than silicone dolls. Their prices are very competitive, a WM sex doll only sells for $1500 approximately.

With such a large collection and lower price, you will find the best doll for yourself. They provide a very detailed customization service as well as REALDOLL. JLD doesn’t accept refunds or return, because the sex doll is customized. You can cancel the order within 24 hours, but they charge 20% of your order. customers can slice their bills on JLD.



WM DOLLS is a very famous Chinese brand in this industry. They give many other shops their authorization to sell their dolls. Most WM dolls are made of TPE. They strive to innovate high-quality TPE dolls and will continue to improve their products as they believe customer satisfaction is a top priority. The website design is simple and clean to navigate for everyone.

The prices are between $2500 to $3000 per doll. They provide a very detailed customization service that needs up to 20 days for production. It means customers need to wait for about one month. No returns are accepted under any circumstances. All sales are final. Due to the nature of sex toys, returns are not allowed for any reason. Customers may cancel their order before work being started on their dolls, and there is a 10% cancellation fee. Shipping charges are all included.


Every store offers discreet shipping to protect customer privacy. Most of them also have a free shipping service. For the paying method, some shops are with different payment ways, pay by bitcoin, or slice the bill mostly. Due to custom dolls, most shops don’t accept any refund or return services. So once you buy it, then it’s the final order. Think about it what you want, then make up your mind. Hopefully, after reading this article, you can get a perfect doll that is the best one for yourself.