You are looking for a perfect lifelike sex doll for a long time, now she finally arrives, look at her face, her body is just like the way you want, super realistic. Now you want to know the doll better and have a good sex life with her, right? But why does she look like a stranger to me? How can I get closer to her? Yeah, all these questions are completely normal to the first buyer. Think about it, when you meet someone for the first time, you can’t expect to know her all immediately, it should take some time to be familiar with each other. The exact logic applies with a sex doll as well. 

Sex dolls aren’t able to talk to you, but she is a super realistic woman in front of you, there will be an awkward moment between you and her. The thing is, you get to open up more to your doll partner which breaks the shyness away. Today, we will help you to know your sex doll better and get more comfortable with your beloved doll through these 7 tips.

Anime Doll With Green Hair

Giving Your TPE Dolls A Name and Different Roles

Indeed, when we meet someone new, our name is usually the first piece of information about ourselves that we share. It is often one of the first markers of our identity that others learn. 

By giving the name to your love doll, you offer them a personality and life, calling her by her name is the first step to getting close to her, and you should pick a name before she arrived. Sex dolls are even more beautiful than real people, long legs, thin waist, big breasts, narrow shoulders, and a small face, she is not only can be your lover, girlfriend, and wife but also be a great companionship to you. In the future, you can imagine that the combination of silicone dolls and artificial intelligence will bring a sex doll to communicate smoothly with people and do everything that people can do. 

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Spend More Time With Your Doll and Tell Them About You 

In fact, you will get more comfortable with your love doll if you spend more time with her. For the very first time to interact with your doll, you may feel shy and awkward, we suggest that you can talk more about yourself to your doll partner and let her know more about your life, hobby, sex positions, and more. Once she gets to know your better, the sex will be amazing. 

Remember, she is not only your sex partner but also a good listener, anything you tell to her will remain secret. The best part? She will love to watch the football game with you, and laugh at your jokes if you bought an Ai sex doll. If there is no one to understand you in your life, she will be the one that is always there for you and not ask anything in return.

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Dress Her Up On All Kinds of Beautiful Clothes, Lingeries

Customers on Acsexdolls told us that dressing up their sex doll will not only make the doll more beautiful but also make sex doll owners have so much fun. The owners also told us that buying sex doll clothes, doing makeup, cleaning the body are great ways to know the doll’s style and give them different personalities. 

Some folks even like to take pictures of their dolls and share them online with sex doll lovers. She can be a nurse, school teenage girls, sexy strippers, and more, different styles will bring out different roles of them, so you are not only dating one girl but dating many chicks at the same time.

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Take Very Good Care of The Doll and Treat Her Like A Real One

A silicone or TPE sex doll can last at least 10 years and more if you give them good maintains and care. Do not use them roughly and let her lie on the floor for a long time. Be gentle with your doll, and she will be your best investment and be there for you forever.

More Foreplay, and Spice Things Up From Time to Time

We are humans, and always looking for something new and exciting to stimulate our senses. Doing the same thing over and over again, will become boring and ruin the sexy part even with sexy beauty. If you want to keep the fire on, you can spice things up through foreplays, watching a pretty porn on website, dark lights, sexy lingeries, and dirty talk. 

Better Use With The Condoms 

For the first time, please use a condom to protect the sex doll and yourself. Besides, there is usually lubricating fluid on the condom, which can be easier to slide into the sex doll vagina or anal. And never share the dolls with other people, it may get you infected with STDs.

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Sex Will Get Better As The Doll Gets Old

“Practice makes perfect”, you will notice that the doll’s joint and other areas are somehow stiff in the first few days. But after spending a few nights with her, this stiffness eventually dies down. If you think that you will hit it off with your new sex doll by spending a few hours with her, you are being hasty. 

Having sex with the doll or living with her is an all-new experience to you, it must take some time to adjust for both of you and the doll. The more practices you had, the more pleasure you can get. In the meantime, your sex skill will improve quickly.

Final word

If you think a sex doll is nothing but a masturbating toy, why not just buy a vibrator? We can’t treat a sex doll only as a sex toy, it is more about companionship and emotional sustenance, she can be your fantasy girlfriend. You can eat, sleep, and hang out together, no different from real couples. If you want to have a better experience when using silicone dolls, the above tips will help you to enjoy a better life with the dolls.