When it comes to purchasing the sex doll, one of the most important aspects is the material of the doll, and we all know that there are two types of sex dolls, TPE and silicone material sex dolls. TPE is known for its affordable price, soft touch feeling features. While, silicone sex doll is much more expensive for its super-realistic appearance, heating, water resistance, and easy to clean. 

Sex doll is no longer only a sexual product to people, but become a special emotional outlet for men or women. Although the sex doll industry is now making more TPE sex dolls than the silicone sex doll, silicone has much more advantage over the TPE material.

Is the silicone sex doll better than TPE sex doll?

In some ways, yes. Here are some great advantages of silicone sex dolls:

  • Silicone sex dolls have the most realistic appearance, just like real people.
  • Silicone is non-porous, making it resistant to clothing stains.
  • The head can have implanted hair, it will save you much time to help the doll wearing a wig.
  • It doesn’t retain humidity, unlike TPE.
  • This material is more resistant to heat, water, so you can enjoy a hot shower with her. 

But there are cons of this kind of sex doll:

  • It’s a very expensive sex doll when comparing the TPE sex doll, a lifelike silicone sex doll can be reaching $1,000 to below $8,000.
  • Silicone is not as soft as TPE. It feels more dense and stiff to touch as compared with TPE. It is more rubber-like than life-like.
  • Given the more rubber-like features, the breasts, butts are not wobbling as much as TPE sex dolls. 
Silicone sex doll sitting on the bed and touching hair

What does it feel like to have sex with a silicone doll?

To be honest, a silicone sex doll is a doll that is most close to a real human being, but, still, it’s not a real human. So do not make your expectation too high, they don’t interact, move or moan, but having sex with the doll can be a very intense, special, and exciting journey. 

Sex dolls are designed with various functions and natural body features to mimic the different stages of sexuality, they have a tighter vagina, anal and bring you the most wonderful sex experience and meet all your kinky desires. Also, the weight is lighter than ordinary women so you have hundreds of options for sex positions and locations, in other words, you can achieve multiple highly difficult positions with the doll which can’t be accomplished with a real woman. 

Besides, there are guys out there who suffer from premature ejaculation and could use a sex doll to absolutely help them gain confidence in the bedroom without the added pressure of performing. She’s always available as many times you want.

Silicone sex doll with markings on the face

How to take care of a silicone sex doll?

  • Clean it after every time you used it
  • Keep every opening dry and clean
  • If possible, use a hanging hook to hang your doll
  • Put some powder on her regularly
  • Always use a water-based lubricant
  • Away from the sharp things and fire

5 best realistic silicone sex dolls for 2022

lifelike silicone sex doll is a great way to meet all your lust desire or kinky ideas of a woman. Once you purchased it, you can find that it will be the best investment in your life.

Here are the 5 best realistic silicone sex dolls for you, unleash the beast inside you and experience the utmost sexual thrill on the bed, shower, kitchen, or wherever you want to.

Asian Lifelike Big Boobs Fancy Cheap Silicone Love Doll- Susan

Susan is an absolutely beautiful Asian-looking silicone sex doll. She’s the best you can get for the price. This expensive silicone sex doll is made with high-quality materials that do not hurt your body and sexual health when you penetrate or lick the juicy openings. She has the most detailed and realistic vagina, anus which will bring you the most amazing sexual experience in the bed. 

You will never feel be alone when you have Susan in your life, with her super-realistic appearance, you won’t tell the difference between her and a real woman, and she is even better than one, big boobs, long legs, small waist combined in one single angel, you won’t find such beauty in this price. 

sexy asian lifelike silicone doll

Japanese Silicone Cute Girl Looking Tall Sex Doll- Carmen

A big eye, cute face, curvy body silicone Japanese love doll is definitely every man’s dream girl. Carmen got everything right on her body, her head is designed to be heat and water-resistant so that you can have a hot bath with her, her body is made of TPE material which you can feel the soft and smooth touch feeling. 

Carmen is a girl who likes to wear a maid dress, you can punish her to do housework for you and penetrate from behind at the same time. She is your chance to make all your fantasy ‘fuck a Japanese porn star’ dreams come true. This high-quality silicone sex doll gives true sensations, allowing you to revel in pleasure.

Japanese Silicone Cute Girl Looking Tall Sex Doll

Life-size Elf Looking Fancy Full Body Silicone Love Doll-Bonny

Do you ever have the fantasy that one day an elf will come to your home? I think many people had that dream, and now you can have it come true. We can find many elves who are so beautiful and represents purity, innocent, and nature, these elegant and magical creatures will melt your heart once you meet them. 

Bonny is one of the elves that make all your fairy tales and sex fantasies come true. She features a perfect face, captivating green eyes, and lush red lips that can’t wait to be kissed. Her incredible body is every man’s dream because she is made using realistic TPE material. Boony’s head is made of silicone material to present you with the most realistic appearance. Once you lay eyes on her, you will never forget about her.

Life-size Elf Looking Fancy Full Body Silicone Love Doll

Mature Japanese Wife Looking Solid Silicone Sex Doll-Phyllis

Do you want a beautiful wife that never leaves you? Do you want a sexy obedient wife that is only listening to you? Phyllis is a silicone mature Japanese sex doll that is willing to take care of your every need. She has everything that a real woman has, you can also use her for breast, anal, or vaginal sex. The metal skeleton and joints allow you to position her any way you want. 

The best part? Her head is made of silicone material and her body is made of TPE material which you can feel the wobbling breasts and butt in your hand. As she is a mature woman, she has great sex skills and is ready to take you to explore the adventure sex positions. Phyllis is by far the most advanced and best silicone sex doll I have ever seen, and it’s no wonder why orders are lined up for multiple months in our store.

Mature Japanese Wife Looking Solid Silicone Sex Doll

Japanese Anime School Uniform Teen Sex Doll- Suzuka

Suzuka is a Japanese young school girl looking sex doll. She will never fail you with her young and slim body. Her boobs are soft and round like a real woman, you can squeeze them as much as you want. We build her with 3 lifelike holes to offer you the most extreme fun. Her vagina is tight as a virgin, and no one will share her, she is all yours. As long as you love her, she will never leave you. She is on sale now. Bring her home at the lowest price and enjoy the fun with her.

Japanese Anime School Uniform Teen Sex Doll

Final word

Do you now have your favorite silicone sex doll? Imagine yourself with a life-sized, curvy blonde or Asian love doll lying on the bed, and doing all the nasty and fun things with her. How amazing is that? In our store, there are so many options, a silicone sex doll may cost you a fortune, but it’s the best investment for sure, and give you long-term companionship and sexual service. And, most of all, they are always here to satisfy your desire and never ask for anything in return.