Are you ready to get your first sex doll? Sex doll helps lonely people to fulfill their sex desire and be their perfect companionship in a long time. They may possess a fake body, but a true love for many women and men.

Anyone who owns the sex doll is exploring the mind-blowing journey and treat them as their girlfriend. For those who can’t find the right one or don’t waste time to date, sex doll is your best partner which can last 10 years and more. 

Many men love to have a realistic sex doll than real women but worry about the cost. In the sex doll market, there is a very big gap in price between various shops. 

Acsexdolls has been in this industry for 4 years and knows the price strategy in the sex doll markets. In this article, we will break down the difference below.

100cm sex doll with cute face

What is a sex doll?

Obviously, a sex doll is not a human, a realistic sex partner made by the most life-like material TPE and silicone. TPE is the best material which widely makes sex doll, it’s odorless, healthy, soft, and durable. Otherwise, silicone is less soft than TPE but much heated-resistant, stain-resistant than TPE, and more expensive.

Futhermore, they are built-in stainless steel skeleton that makes sex doll move like a real human and achieve all kinds of sex positions you like.

BBW Big boobs sex doll

How to choose the sex doll?

If you ready to buy your first doll, think twice before you buy and consider the following aspects carefully to choose the right one. You don’t want to waste money and time, right?


As we mention above, TPE and silicone is the world best material which is widely used to make the sex doll. TPE is much cheaper than silicone, it’s safe, soft, and more durable. Silicone is expensive, because it’s more realistic and resistant to heat, stains, and water, but must harder than TPE. In this case, if you have enough budget, buying a silicone head and TPE body sex doll is your best choice.

Size and shape

All the sex doll factory produces various sex doll with different size and shapes for their customers. 

Sex dolls can be divided into many types: young sex doll, BBW sex doll, sex doll torso, skinny sex doll, and more. In our store, the young sex doll is the most favorite type by our customers, as they are small in size, realistic human-looking, cheaper, and easy to store which makes them the best-selling sex doll.

If you are in favor of the fat and curve body, the BBW sex doll is molded by real big and beautiful women which fulfill your sex fantasy in reality. Or if you like skinny body and small titis, or skinny body with big boobs, you can always find it on online sex doll store.


Sex doll’s height will make a huge difference when it comes to storing. They create female sex doll height from 68cm to 172cm, a male sex doll from 165cm to 175cm. The higher means more expensive and hard to store. If you don’t want your girl found out by your family or friends, the small sex doll is your first to go. But, you live alone and want a lifelike milf and mature sex doll to take care of you life, the higher, the better.

How much is a sex doll?

1. Lowest budget for 15-$109

Blow-up sex doll

A blow-up sex doll needs to inflate with gas and air to present a human shape, it’s looking more silly than sexy. This inflatable sex doll is much cheaper than TPE or silicone sex doll, but way more fake than them. The price goes from $15 to $50. If you are on a very low budget, you can have a try but don’t expect it can last a long time, because they are made of plastic or PVC. What’s more, it can’t pose the posture you like and has bad smelling. It’s just a human shape balloon.

blow-up sex doll

Sex doll Torso

If you are on a budget between $25-$109, then you can have your first realistic sex doll, and it’s not inflatable. A sex doll torso is a love doll with half body but has the same features as a full-size sex doll.

They are easy to store and lightweight, you can take them anywhere you like. Anytime you ready, she always stays tight for you. They are available in different sizes and wights due to your needs. You can choose from height 18cm to 59cm, from weighing 0.75kgto 7.5kg. It’s easy to use and portable.

sex doll torso with boobs and legs

2. Cheap mini sex doll for $260-$400

Small and tiny sex doll is the cheapest full-body sex doll, the price goes from $200-$310, from height 68cm-140cm. They are the first choice by our customers due to their mini size, cute face, sexy and curvy body. You can hide them anywhere you like, and pose any sex position that fulfills your fantasy. 

Cute and sweet mini sex doll

3. Middle level for $540-$750

Actually, the real-life TPE sex doll price is up to the height and weight, the middle-level price for a 140cm or above height sex doll will give your most realistic feeling like with adult women. As they have the same height but not very heavyweight, look more mature and sexier than a mini sex doll. You don’t have to pay a lot of money but still can meet your sex desire with a lifelike love doll.

American sexy young sex doll

4. High-end sex doll for $1000 $8000

Silicone sex doll is the most expensive sex doll in the market. It presents a super-high realistic appearance. Our store presents you with a silicone head and TPE body sex doll that achieve both real and soft. The sex doll’s whole body and head made by silicone are extremely expensive. If you don’t care about the money and want a super lifelike sex doll, then you get what you pay. 

Asian Life Size Silicone Sex Doll

Best places to buy a lifelike sex doll


Acsexdolls is a leading sex doll vendor for 4 years. It has a huge factory that owns 200 employees. They put their minds into developing, design and produce sex dolls, and never let the sex doll ship if they don’t meet the quality-control team standard. Acsexdolls provide the best quality TPE sex dolls at a lower price for customers, which you can’t find in other places.


RealDoll is a high-end online sex doll shop that provides very realistic sex dolls. Their dolls can be customized and you can have your girl to completes your fantasy. The doll’s price is high from $6100 to $80000 or so. It’s super expensive more than other shops. The shipping charge isn’t included.

Joy love doll

Joy love doll carries over 500 realistic TPE and silicone sex and love dolls in all body types, sizes & genres. They are authorized for only the best sex doll brands like WM Dolls & YL Dolls. They have more TPE dolls than silicone dolls. Their prices are very competitive, a WM sex doll only sells for $1500 approximately.