Sex is no limit and being a lesbian or gay is completely natural, and there is nothing wrong with being attracted to members of our own sex. In today’s culture, it’s no longer taboo to talk about homosexuals, and more and more women even the straights are turned on by lesbian sex porn or girl-on-girl sex. 

When you are reading this article, you must curious about what is lesbian sex and how to do it. In fact, there is a lot of pornography or imagery is built for a man’s desire, women who are curious about lesbian sex is hard to know what’s gonna do without a man involved.

Therefore, this post is made for women who are ready for their first lesbian sex. If you are nervous about it, don’t worry, we got your back with some great tips which can make your first time amazing and fun. 

Knowing Whether You’re a Lesbian or Bisexual

Women, especially young women are questioning whether they are straight or lesbian, they are not sure about their true sexuality. What’s more, some women do not think they are lesbians even they have a feeling for women or are sexually attracted by a woman. So first thing first, figure out whether you are lesbian, bisexual, or straight is quite important to get all things started. Again, there is nothing wrong with not being attracted by men, you should proud of who you are and be yourself. Here is some quick test to help you learn your true sexuality:

  1. Which sex do you mostly find yourself attracted to?
  2. Do you ever see a beautiful girl and get fluttery feelings in your chest and can’t stop staring at her?
  3. Do you ever find yourself wanting to do sexual things to a girl?

If you are not sure about it, it’s ok, you should take more time to figure out what is your true sexuality.

lesbian naked

Communication Always Come to First

If you are already in a lesbian relationship, skip the first tips. There is no difference between lesbian relationships and straight relationships, except this time is two women. Before you have sex, just make sure that:

  •  Initiate a sex talk with your partner and make sure both of you are ok with it.
  • Ask your partner what kind of sex position is not acceptable to her or makes her uncomfortable.
  • DO it safely. Talking to your partner about their sexual history and reduce your risk of sexually transmitted disease.
  • You are all comfortable with bringing a sex toy or sex doll to add more fun.
  • Establish a safe word or boundaries if anything is getting too much. 

In a word, during lesbian sex, always check on your partner’s feelings and reactions, and make sure everything is feel good and no one gets hurt.

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Play It Safe

Women who have sex with other women can pass on or get STIs if you are exchanging the body fluid or skin-to-skin genital contact, there’s a risk for infection. Therefore, you have to have a serious conversation about when they get last tested and their sexual history. Oral sex is an important part of lesbian intimacy, so if you like “go down” on your partner, you can use dental dams to protect yourself from oral infection. In addition, people with vagina love fingering, it’s important for reaching pleasure and orgasm, so keep your finger short and clean can protect your partner from getting hurt, and also reduce the risk of infection.

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Masturbate is Key

Masturbating is a cheap and fast way to learn your body and know what is arouse you or make you happy. Of course, we are not saying that masturbating yourself will make your partner happy too, but it’s a good start if you know your body more. Besides, you can learn more about the vulvas, vaginas, and clitorises, which you can put a mirror between your legs and have a nice look. Every women’s body is different, some people like hard and fast fractions on the clitoris, but others prefer slow rubbing, so always check your partner’s reaction when you touching her sensitive area. 

Another great way is masturbating in front of your partner, which can show your partner how you like to be touched, and they can show you how they like to be touched.

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Bring a Sex Toy 

Bringing sex toys into the bedroom for the first time might be intimidating, but using them can bring a new way of pleasure and turn up the heat in an instant. For people who don’t have much sexual experience, a sex toy boosts your bedroom romance with your partner and knowing more about your partner’s body with its versatile functions. The clitoris stimulator is always the hottest choice for any two humans with vulvas, and it’s the best chance at each of you having an orgasm and lengthen your sexy times with your partner.

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Practice With a Lifelike Sex Doll

If you are not in a lesbian relationship and also afraid of going out to search for a date, then a lesbian sex doll would be your best test project for having lesbian sex. A realistic full-body sex doll is shaped like a real woman and has a vagina, anal, boobs, and mouth to kiss and fuck. Having sex with a beautiful sex doll will practice your sex skills and also giving your sex pleasure during the process. 

3 Holes Sex Doll
3 Holes Sex Doll

 Don’t Overthink It, It Should Feel Fun

If you never had lesbian sex before, don’t pretend you are an experienced one and try to be an expert for it, it’s never a competition, it should be a fun and explore journey for you and your partner. I know that you want to show your sex skills to please your partner, but it takes time, once you did twice, the third and fourth time, it will get better and better. Never get too fast in the process, take it slow and get to know your partner’s body more, lesbian sex is not all about reaching the orgasm, take it slow will help you and your partner get there at the end.

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Final word

Being a lesbian is completely natural, and if you are sexually attracted to other women, don’t be shame about it. You should be yourself and proud of who you are, life is short, just enjoy this moment. Having sex with women can be a new sex experience to you, take everything slow, communicate with your partner and be safe, you will have your best first lesbian sex ever.