Sex dolls are becoming a trendy masturbation toy for men and women during the quarantine. Many people buy a sex doll not only for sexual pleasure but also for a companion. Because that sex doll is shaped by real women, it’s super soft and safe to help people to spend lonely nights.

If you are reading this article, you may already get your favorite sex doll and have endless fun with her, or consider buying one but having a problem with how to hide a sex doll? As we are a professional sex doll manufacturer, we know how to use the sex doll, how the sex doll is made, so here we present the 8 best places to help you hide the sex doll to avoid your parent or girlfriend. In the end, we present to you the best mini sex dolls which are easy to store and hide.

1. Closet

closet for hiding the sex doll

The closet is always the first choice for hiding the sex doll. Even, you have friends come over, you shouldn’t worry about they will find your girl if you cover the clothes and blanket on her. As many sex doll online store are shipped the sex doll along with the storing hook, you can directly hang her in the closet, is it safe to stand her up. If you live with your parents, you better put a lock on your closet. 

2. Under the bed

sex doll under the bed

Many people are not likely to explore under your bed, and the huge room under the bed is also the best choice for you to hide the sex doll, and you don’t have to worry about the doll getting squeezed or pressed. Before you put the love doll under the bed, you need to put a blanket under the doll to avoid the rubs against the hard surface. Besides, we recommended to wrap the love doll up with a plastic bag to avoid the dust. What’s more, you can surround your love doll with clothes and other staff to make it more invisible.

3. Storage box or cardboard boxes 

box for store the love doll

The sex doll comes packaged in cardboard boxes, instead of throwing them away, just fold and keep them for reuse as storage boxes for your sex doll. Storage or cardboard boxes have tear-resistant qualities and this helps in keeping the box intact and will protect your sex doll from being exposed to people. Storage or cardboard boxes ensure the complete safety of your love doll and prevent them from banging around and protect them from vibration, shock, and jerks. Moreover, put some clothes and items that surround the hidden doll will make it more impossible to see.

4. Garage

Garage for hiding the life size sex doll

Many customers from our store suggest that the garage is another great place for hiding the sex doll if you live with your parents. People are barely going to your garage to explore. However, you need to put the sex doll somewhere clean and high, as well as easy to get. Moreover, cover the sex doll around the soft fabric to avoid damage. 

5. Suitcase

suitcase for mini sex doll

The suitcase is also a safe place for hiding and storing the sex doll. If you purchase a 100cm tiny sex doll, it’ can be your first choice to store your love doll. It has a wheel to easily move the sex doll to anywhere you want without too much attention. The most important is that it has a lock. No one can open the case unless they have a key. It’s a super safe camouflage.

6. Storage Couch Bench

couch bench for sex doll storing

Store your sex doll in a storage couch bench is also a safe way. As the storage couch bench has plenty of room for hiding the young sex doll or other items. It’s affordable and functional. Place some soft and thick blanket on the bench before you put the sex doll in it. If you have one in your bedroom that would be great, you don’t have to move the sex doll around. 

7. Golf Hard Case

golf hard case for love doll

If you own the 70cm tiny sex doll, you can hide your love doll in a golf hard case. And, you can take her outside for wild play or a motel for exciting explore, no one will find out what’s in the case.

8. Basement

basement for bbw sex doll

If you own a basement, that would be the best place for hiding the BBW sex doll. You can have wild roleplay or SM with her. As the basement has good sound insulation, you can have your wild sex dream with your love doll and away from your parents and partner.

Best realistic mini sex doll which is easy to store and hide 

100cm Big Breast Sex Doll – Carrie

100cm big breast sex doll

Carrie is a 100cm sex doll with the big breast, the tiny and small body is easy to store and hide. She is made of super soft and flexible material-TPE, so you can carry and move her anywhere you like without damage her. She is cable of vagina sex, anal sex, oral sex, and breast sex. As she has a petite body to make her the best selling mini sex doll in our store. You can take her home for just only $310, and deliver it to your door within 5 days.

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125cm Life-Size Sex Doll – Alina

125cm Life-Size Sex Doll

Alina is a 125cm small sex doll. She is featured with big bobs and a curvy body. She is small in size but mature in body. With the beautiful face molded by a real girl, she is the cutest one in our store. Built-in flexible joints make her move up and down like a real woman. You can store and hide her in the closet or under your bed, she is always staying with you.

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100cm Teen Sex Doll – Venus

100cm Sex Doll

Venus is a 100cm Japanese sex doll, she has a cute face and big black eyes. She is the one who evokes your protection of her. As she weighs only 13kg, you can carry her anywhere you like. She is mini in size, never will be your burden if you choose her as your sex partner. She will arrive in 5 days after you place the order.

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100cm Mini Sex Doll – Amy

100cm Mini Sex Doll

Amy is a skinny TPE sex doll for man. Look at her deep black eyes, you will fall in love with her at the first sight. The small and red lips are ready for you to kiss. She is tiny and has a mature body with a B-cup size breast. You can hold her in your arm and penetrate her as much as you want. She will never say no, no complain about you getting fast or slow. As long as you ready, the hole will stay tight only for you.

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125cm Real Mini Sex Doll With Long Hair – Tracy

125cm Real Mini Sex Doll With Long Hair

Tracy is a 125cm petite sex doll. She owns long and black hair which is super stunning. She is quite one, but eager to try something new with you. The snow-white skin makes her even more beautiful, as she is made of TPE material, the skin is soft and flexible to touch. She is the one that better than a real woman, you can have vagina sex, anal sex, and oral sex with her. She will improve your sex skill and bring your confidence back.

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