Sex dolls have now become a more affordable product for males and females. The sex doll market is booming since the lockdown began. For the people who live alone but still want sexual needs or companionship, a sex doll would be their first choice. As the sex doll is now more popular, many people, especially the female consider their partner having sex with the sex doll as cheating.

There are reasons why they feel been cheated if their boyfriend or husband buys a sex doll.

1. Buying the sex doll without their consent.

2. Sex doll has a super realistic human shape, with lifelike texture vagina, anal and breast, mouth, so sex doll is anther women.

3. Their spouse chooses a sex doll over her.

Above all the reason, we can define cheating as one break the rules or commitment that is agreed in a relationship, or the act of committing anything that is unacceptable to your partner.

So if you have a rule with your partner that having sex with a sex doll is cheating, then it would be considered cheating. If your partner accepts the fact that you can have sex with the love doll, then it would not be cheating. Do not break the rules between you and your partner. If you are unsure whether your relationship rules forbid masturbating with a sex doll, ask your partner.

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Let’s clarify first, what is a sex doll?

Sex doll is just a masturbation toy for male and female. It has a realistic human-like looking and body shape, the only goal of a sex doll is to fulfill the sexual needs and fantasies of people.

There are many types of sex dolls, such as young sex dolls, BBW sex dolls, mini sex dolls, flat chest sex dolls, and more. You can choose the different heights, sizes, styles, and races of a sex doll.

The fact that sex dolls are shaped like a person does not mean that it is a person. They can’t talk, no emotional feeling, no warm body(unless you use a heating rod). Besides, having a realistic sex doll just like having a dildo, vibrator, is a sex toy for masturbation. In a word, we don’t consider masturbation cheating, and personally feel that people who think so are pretty insecure. 

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Why would your partner choose the sex doll over you?

  1. You two have been disconnected for a long time.
  2. Your partner lost interest in you, and want to try something new.
  3. Sex dolls don’t argue, don’t complain, don’t judge.
  4. They can do evil and nasty thing with a sex doll
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What would you do if your partner bought a sex doll?

Communication is the key

Marriage or a relationship is a deal between two people. You can share your sexual needs and fantasy with your partner and make some rules about it. If your partner considers it cheating, then don’t break the rules, unless you won’t end this relationship. You need to discuss this with your partner because your feelings and your partner’s feelings are the ones that matter. If you can come to an agreement, then you may be compatible.

Healthy relationships generally don’t forbid your partner from using sex toys. If the one who becomes upset about you’re using a sex toy, then finding a more secure partner.

Try something new with your partner

Maintain a long-term relationship is hard, people will lose interest in their partner as time goes by. Many couples love to bring the sex doll into their bedroom to spice up their sex life instead of having other real people. They find that it’s a great way to keep sex life more exciting and hot. If you want your partner happy and don’t want to comprise your rules, join your partner in a threesome and explore the new and spicy way to keep the fire on. Just ask your partner to join him, and the possibilities are endless, you can take the chance for both of you to experiment and enjoy each other so much more.

Buy yourself one too

If you want to know how feels like to have sex with a sex doll, buy one. Sex dolls can help you know your body more and make you understand your desire. Sharing the same hobby as your partner does, makes your partner more exciting and brings you two closer than ever. Buy yourself a sex doll to explore the fantastic sex journey and know more about your partner’s needs. 

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Can having a sex doll destroy a relationship?

For people who feel insecure about a sex toy, it can destroy a relationship. Ask your partner if he or she comfortable with it. We don’t think that anyone will think that having a sex toy will destroy a relationship. Sex dolls can bring more fun to your sex life if you use them wisely. 

If one relationship can be destroyed by a sex doll, then it couldn’t last long anyway. If you are in a long-term relationship, there is nothing wrong with having a sex doll, because some people buy a sex doll not only to use their sexual function but because of loneliness and all need a person’s company.

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Can women own a male sex doll?

Women have their needs, and it’s normal. In fact, sex dolls are made to satisfy man’s needs mostly. Now, there are many online sex doll stores are selling male sex dolls for women, which is to fulfill their sex desire and keep them company. If you don’t waste time and money on boring dates, then a sex doll is your best partner. If you don’t need a man in your life but still need a sex life, then a sex doll can meet your desire. If you don’t know your body more and practice your sex skills, then a male sex doll is your best choice. You can have as many as orgasms you want, he will never get tired and the penis will always hard for you. 


Wrap up

The relationship can be hard sometimes, it’s between the two people. If you made the commitment, then you must keep it. Ask your partner if he or she agree on buying a sex doll. Sex doll is just a sex toy, not a real human.