If you are looking for a male sex doll and couldn’t choose the right one, you come to the right place. This guide will help you to go through all the aspects of buying a male sex doll. 

What is a sex doll?

Sex doll is a type of toy that has human shape and body, the features with human body parts like, boobs, round butts, penis, vagina, anal and other accessories which make them more realistic. They are not only a sex partner but also a visual enjoyment for men. 

realistic janpanese male sex doll

If you are the type of person who doesn’t want to waste time and money on boring dates, then a sex doll is better than a person. If you are the type of person who doesn’t want endless arguments and judges in your life, then a sex doll is a good listener. If you are a type of couple who want to add some spice in your bedroom with your partner, then is a safe way to bring a sex doll into your bedroom, instead of inviting another human being to join in a threesome. You can explore your sexual fantasies without cheating on each other.

Difference between male, female sex doll and trans doll

As a male sex doll doesn’t come with jiggly butts and breasts, so their body is rigid and tighter than a female sex doll. 

It’s created with well-defined muscles, lifelike V line abs, and a six-pack, which make you feel like a real man but with a perfect figure.  

They are taller and stronger than female sex dolls, you can feel safe that they’ll be there for you when you need them.

A muscular male sex doll is not only has a huge penis, but also a lifelike chest, armpits hair, or pubic hair. 

A trans sex doll is a feature not only with a penis but also has female parts, like a vagina, boobs, and long hair, they can meet your different needs.

How to pick up a male sex doll that works best for you?

1. Price

In fact, sex doll is a kind of luxury product than a vibrator. In general, a male sex doll price varies from $800 to $13000, some even go beyond $15000, so you have to choose the one within your budget. The more expensive sex doll doesn’t mean it’s better, because a different brand may have a huge price difference due to their marking strategy.

2. Size & Weight

You need to take size and weight into consideration when you are ready to purchase a male love doll. If you are a skinny girl, it’s better to pick up a tall but slim physique type, so that you can carry and pose him without too much effort. 

3. Appearance 

There are many different options when you choose a male sex doll:

  • By region: Asian sex doll, Japanese sex doll, or European sex doll
  • By type: young sex doll, gay sex doll
  • By height: 140cm-171cm
  • By skin color: white, tan, black, natural.
  • By eye color: blue eyes, brown eyes, and more.
  • By hair cut: long hair, short hair, or bald head
  • By size of penis: 7 inches or 8 inches.
  • By body size: weight, hip, shoulder, leg, arm, and more.

You can choose the exact male sex doll you want based on your tastes.

4. Dildo size

The size of the dildo will decide the quality of your sex life, the average penis is 12.9 cm (5.1 inches) when erect. But we provide the 7inch erect penis which can fill your vagina completely, and providing greater clitoral stimulation. The penis forever stays hard, you can have any sex orgasms you want. In particular, our male sex doll is extremely well-made, so the penis area never wears down, and can’t break down easily.

male sex doll erect penis

5. Material

TPE male sex doll

TPE is a super soft, durable, and flexible material to make a sex doll, it provides a more realistic skin touch close to a human being. What’s more, TPE sex dolls are hypoallergenic. You don’t have to worry about any allergic happened when having sex with your love dolls. 

Silicone male sex doll

Silicone is the most expensive and realistic material used to make love dolls. It’s heat-resistant and resists better to water and stains. However, a silicone sex doll is not as soft as a TPE sex doll. In this case, we would recommend you choose the TPE sex doll over the silicone sex doll. Luckily, we have a huge collection of TPE male sex dolls in our store, they are all at a comparable price on high-quality. You can purchase a male sex doll for just $850 for endless sex pleasure.

Silicone Head with TPE Body

Some sex doll is made by silicone head and TPE body that achieves a more real-life feeling. Silicone head can be more beautiful and realistic because they are molded and carved with details, which brings real visual stimulation. TPE is featured with the soft and stretchy feature, so keeping the body with TPE material is more close to human skin. Thus, a silicone head with a TPE body is expensive than a TPE sex doll but cheaper than a silicone sex doll.

6. Brand

There is a lot of sex doll brand online, the well-known brand like WM sex doll, Piper sex doll, and Ayiyun sex doll would be a great choice. A well-known brand means high-quality and better customer service, the low-end brand may cause the low-quality sex doll which can deform and damage easily. The worst part? you can even find after-service support.

How to have sex with a male sex doll?

A male love doll brings sexual pleasure to both men and women. And with a removable erectile phallus that you can change the penis size according to your preference. Leaning on his manly chest and gently touch the well-crafted abs, you will unravel deeply rooted desires and fantasies. 

All male sex dolls are built with stainless steel and flexible joints so that they can be positioned as you wish. Whenever entering his anal and oral, you MUST use water-based lube to avoid tearing of the skin.

  • Girl on Top is a perfect position to have sex with a male sex doll. Just lay the doll flat on the bed, you ride on the doll and take the erectile penis inserting to your pussy or anus.
  • Going down’, ‘rimming’ and ‘blow jobs’ are some of the many ways of describing oral sex. if you are gay, our male sex doll has a lifelike tongue, mouth texture, you can control how deep it goes into his mouth and enjoy as many as the oral sex as you want, he will never refuse you. 
  • If you dream of anal sex, the male sex doll can completely fulfill your desire. Place the doll against the wall and bend his knees, you can have a wonderful doggy style position. Remember to put something soft like a pillow under his knees to prevent a cut on his skin when these parts of her body have to support his full weight.

How to clean a male sex doll? 

With proper maintenance and care, your love doll will retain a longer life.

Step 1: disassemble the detachable penis and wash it under running water using your shower gel or soap. 

Step 2: if you have an anus or oral sex with him, use the cleaning kit we send for free to clean the cavities. Inject mild antibacterial soap water into the cavities, rinse the cavities with clean water until all soap is removed. 

Step 3: TPE skin is more porous than silicone, so after use and wash, please fully dry them, otherwise the skin will get mold. 

Step 4: if you feel your doll with a sticky touch, please apply baby powder on all parts, even the cavities.

Male Sex Doll Recommendations

1. 165cm American Young Lifelike Male Sex Doll-Lay

Lay is a young male sex doll with a height of 165 cm. He has a pair of deep blue eyes, you will fall in love with him at the first sight. He is a college student and full of energy, allowing you to feel the most passionate sex experience just like with a real boy.

165cm American Young Lifelike Male Sex Doll-Lay

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2. Japanese Samurai Gay Male Sex Doll-Mac

Mac is a Japanese samurai gay male sex doll. He is a great assassin and never failed. If you live alone, then Mac is your best choice. You will feel super safe by his side, his lifelike chest and abs allowing you to have better cuddling. He is a mystery man waiting for you to explore.

Mac is wearing a kimono suit and showing his perfect body shape. If you want to add fun and level up your encounter in bed with your partner, he is the perfect sex doll for a threesome. 

Japanese Samurai Gay Male Sex Doll-Mac

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3. 165cm Girl Fuck Male Sex Doll-Kent

Have you ever imagine having an affair with another man? Are you fantasy about a man who has a perfect figure, a beautiful face, and a huge penis?

Kent is the perfect one who is a 165cm girl fuck male sex doll. With faces and bodies modeled on real people, he is half the weight of a real human being of comparable size, you can move and store him without much effort. He has short hair and a young body makes every woman exciting, he is all yours now.

165cm Girl Fuck Male Sex Doll-Kent

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We hope this guide helps you to make the right choice. If you are still not clear about it, contact us by email or LiveChat. We would love to hear your request.