Before the silicone sex doll, the inflatable sex doll is one of the best sex toys that make people feel like having sex with a real human, and it owned a huge market in the adult product industry. Maybe you have heard and seen the sex doll a lot in American soap opera shows, or porn magazines and known as the blowup sex doll, but few people are using it for sex purposes nowadays. 

In fact, the inflatable sex doll was invented by Germany during World War II to solve the soldier’s sexual needs, they made the blowup sex doll with a human-looking face, buttholes, and vagina to provide the lifelike sex experience. At that time, an inflatable sex doll is an expensive possession. However, the blowup sex doll is an outdated sex product for most people now, Why?

blow up sex doll

People Require A Better and More Realistic Sex Doll

People always ask for more, they don’t satisfy the plastic fake feeling of the blow-up sex doll. So when the silicone and TPE sex dolls once launched, they got hugely popular in the world. Silicone and TPE is the best material to make the sex doll, they can provide the lifelike appearance, human-like skin, wobbling ass and butt, and the material are safe, healthy, durable, therefore, the price of the silicone sex doll or TPE sex doll is much higher than an inflatable sex doll, but people are willing to pay for it. 

Most of the blow-up sex dolls are filled with air, they look more silly than sexy, you can’t squeeze her boobs or butt, it may break the doll. Although there are some high-end inflatable sex dolls, the skin of the inflatable sex doll is not close to human skin, it fails to provide the realistic feeling of having sex with a woman. Moreover, without the metal skeleton inside of the blow-up sex doll, they are limited to pose the sex position you want. Yes, they may have a human-looking face, but more like a creepy balloon.

inflatable sex doll

TPE and Silicone Material Are Commonly Used

“By the 1970s, vinyl, latex, and silicone had become the materials most frequently used in the manufacture of sex dolls; silicone, in particular, allowed a greater degree of realism.” Silicone and TPE materials are not expensive as they used to be, so people can buy a real-life size sex doll at an affordable price now.

Silicone is the material that can make the sex doll heat and oil-resistant, super realistic, non-porous, making it resistant to clothing stains and able to retain shape even under extreme pressure. TPE is less expensive than silicone material, the doll body made from TPE material is durable, soft, smooth, and breasts and buttocks will wobble and act naturally when the doll is moved back and forth, given the unique characteristics of TPE. TPE is more elastic, which makes the dolls more flexible. 

small young tpe mini sex doll

Advanced Technology and Manufacturing

The earliest version of the sex doll was founded in the 17th century when hand-sewn leather puppets made by Dutch sailors were traded with Japanese sailors. In the 1930s, German surrealist artist Hans Bellmer invented the more modern version of sex dolls. In the old-time, the manufacturers don’t have advanced technology and good material to make sex doll, but now is 21centry, with the development of technology, sex doll is extremely realistic and no difference between real women, and even better than a real woman. 

The AI sex robots also prove that technology is going to change people’s life. Now, the AI sex doll can interact with people, talk to people, even moan during sex, they can bring artificial emotional intimacy for lonely people. I think someday, people will fall in love with these Ai robots because they seem to suits some people’s lifestyles better if they do not have human companionship.

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TPE Sex doll is cheaper than a silicone sex doll

An inflatable sex doll is lightweight and cheaper than a life-size silicone sex doll. Because they are made of PVC vinyl, you have to inflate them using a manual pump or electric pump, to make them look something resembling a woman.

You can find inflatable love dolls that are cheap in the $100-150 price range, and a full-body silicone sex doll may cost you $3000-$8000. So here comes the affordable one, the TPE sex doll which is a great alternative for a silicone sex doll, so you can buy a lifelike sex doll without cost a fortune and don’t need to stick with the balloon doll. 

Furthermore, if you are on a low budget, the mini sex doll ($220-$450)may meet all your sex desire, they have a small size body but with a lifelike human shape, and it’s easy to carry and move. You don’t have to spend a huge amount of money and can start to know what makes you enjoy the most and guide your future purchases.

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There Are More Sex Toys Available Now

Sex toys like dildos, vibrators, and sex dolls are now becoming the trending possession of people, they can reduce stress, deal with boredom, and enhance sexual stimulation. In fact, 90% man or women at least own one sex toy now. With so many toys out there on the market, people have plenty of choices of changing their sex life and improving their sexual needs, it goes for people of all genders and relationships statuses so that the inflatable sex doll is less needed than the old times. Plus, most sex toys are cheaper than a fake, uncomfortable inflatable sex doll.

difference of sex toy

Final word

The blowup sex dolls allow you to have a taste of the sex doll experience before you decide to invest in high-end silicone or TPE dolls. And the inflatable sex doll has come a long way, it won’t disappear now, but before you purchase a sex doll, make sure that you know what exactly you need, compare different materials that make the sex doll, and choose the one that you like most.