Did you know that people cheat for several reasons? Even the frequency of cheating among couples differs from one another. If you’ve cheated on your partner or have been cheated before, this article allows you to dive into the numerous reasons why people cheat in the first place.

Sexual incompatibility

Many couples are in a relationship because they’re alike in so many ways. They feel happy and comfortable together. It could be that they share the same hobbies, have the same tastes when it comes to movies, and like the same kind of food. They also enjoy the same places and doing activities that they both love. Though they look and feel good together, there’s something missing in their relationship, especially in bed.

A lot of couples are like this. They’re contented with each other but their sex life is a different story. They don’t have that fire in their relationship. It could be that one of them wants to explore sexual activities that the other person isn’t comfortable with.

Escape from Boredom

Another reason is that you feel bored about doing everything over and over again. You go to work, rest on weekends and if your schedule allows it, take a short vacay and then back to working hard again. You want to add more spice into your life and you feel that you can only achieve that with a live sex affair on the side. Having a secret relationship makes you feel fired up because there’s always that feeling of fear that you’ll get caught.


Something New

If you’ve been living and having sex with the same person for years, you feel that there’s nothing thrilling about your relationship anymore. You know each other’s bodies from head to foot and even know what turns each other on. There are no more surprises and it’s boring. You want something new and different. You crave to be with somebody else who has an unfamiliar body and you want to discover how to make that person horny for you and vice versa.

Relieve Stress

Stress causes all kinds of negative physical and psychological problems. It can cause sleepless nights, poor appetite, and mental health problems, too. Many people cheat because it takes their minds off these stressors. They want to escape reality for even just a few hours and enjoy the present, probably with someone with no strings attached.

Feeling Neglected and Unappreciated

There are times when a person no longer feels emotionally secure in a relationship. Does the partner stop showering praises, giving gifts for no reason, or no longer remember special days?  Everybody wants to feel loved and cared for despite the hustle and bustle of daily living. However, there are those who feel neglected and unappreciated because their partners no longer prioritize them. It’s no surprise then that many turn to others for comfort and attention. They want someone who’ll make them feel important again.

Sweet Revenge

One of the most common reasons for cheating is that you want to punish your partner. You want that cheater to feel exactly what it’s like to be cheated on. It’s like giving them a dose of their own medicine, only you want them to be more hurt and betrayed. It can also serve as a warning to your partner that you can do it, too.

Blame it on the Alcohol

Alcohol can make you do unbelievable things, including cheating. Others may take advantage of you as you become playful, flirtatious, and bolder. Before you know it, you’ll be having sex with the office secretary you’ve been eyeing for a while. Your drunkenness will make you feel braver and unreasonable that even what is wrong becomes right just because it can make you happy.

Cheating caught

These People are Prone to Cheating

  •  Narcissists

These people who are so full of themselves always want to prove they have what it takes. Cheating for them boosts their self-confidence even more. The fact that there are those who still find them attractive despite being unavailable or married makes them proud.

  • Insecure Individuals

Those who feel that they no longer have their partner’s undivided attention, start to doubt themselves if they’re still good enough. As such, they look for something or someone that can boost their self-esteem. If they feel like their partner is losing interest, they’ll start looking for those who may find them interesting.

  • Selfish People

These people are aware that cheating can hurt their partner but they do it anyway. That’s because they know that they’ll be forgiven for their action. Obviously, their conscience doesn’t work well on them. They’re too selfish and only after their own pleasure.

Which Age Group Cheat the Most

Based on the recent studies conducted by New York and California Universities, those who are on their “turning age” (29, 39, 49) are two times more prone to cheating on their partner. According to psychologists, it’s because it’s a transitional period where people reassess themselves including their values and future plans. They feel anxious and doubtful that they turn to the sex cam and have illicit affairs. They believe that doing so makes them more attractive, sexier, and confident.