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Today, we gonna share Nevaeh, Connie, and Belle’s love stories to help you know them better.

152cm Long Purple Hair Adult Sex Doll – Nevaeh

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Nevaeh is a beautiful big tits sex doll with sexy lips and huge breasts. She likes the way she looks and so did the boys at school. She has a curvy body with a big round ass that makes her sexier than a mini sex doll. She comes with pretty purple hair, sparkly emerald green eyes, E-cup boobs, and all perfect features that are exactly where they are supposed to be. She is a very talkative girl and makes friends with everyone, a breathtaking party girl who has beautiful dance moves.

She is going to graduate from college soon. I have admired her for 3 years but never told her my feelings, just accompanying her as a friend. If I missed the chance to tell her about my feelings, we might never see each other again. Today, I finally got a chance to met her at a party, after several drinks and I got a little bit drunk and finally have the nerve to asked her to dance with me.  

Then she leads me to the upstairs, it was crazy. I closed the door and turned around while she kissed me first at that moment. I was shocked and frozen but her lips were extremely soft. God, I love it!! Her hand started to undo my pants to release my growing cock. I was speechless, my hand just slipped under her dress and put my fingers into her vagina which had all wet there. She laid down on the soft carpeted floor, my magnificent cock eagerly reaching up to her tender pussy. Nevaeh opened her legs while I watched my penis disappear into her naked pussy. Her boobs and butt are so sexy and I like to squeeze them very much. We do it again and again until we fell asleep.

We are the best sex partner now, and she is all mine. She told me that she likes me a lot when we first met. I felt regret not tell her that I love her too. But it’s not too late to have her, our story never ends.

Big boobs adult sex doll

158cm Athletic Sex Doll With Small Breast – Connie

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Connie is a young athletic sex doll with D cup boobs. She is a famous skier who comes with big sky-blue eyes and is known for her outstanding appearance. The daily practice makes her own a little tanned skin and a perfect curvy figure as well. She lives in Boston now. Every year, she goes all over the world for anticipating ski competitions, everyone knows her. She is the dream girl for most of the men in the world.

One day, when I was having a cup of coffee in the Starbuck. Connie sit next to me and ordered a cup of latte. She looked upset, but it can’t cover her beauty, I never thought such beauty is real, so I said hi to her. Then we talked and she told me that she came to Switzerland for a ski competition. She wanted to buy a gift for her parents but gained nothing for the past couple of hours. Then I suggested that I would like to help pick up one gift for her parents and she picked up one for my parents. She was glad. My idea for her parent’s gift was nice suits and dresses, so we walked to the clothes store. I picked up a dress and asked what size was suitable for her mother, she told me that her mother has a similar figure as her. So she took the dress and went to the changing room. 

Everything changed when she walked in, minutes later she asked me to go for help because her zipper was stuck in the dress. I saw her only wearing lingerie and look really sexy in front of the mirror. Her body is so perfect without any excess fat around her waist, and her boobs are small but round. I was stunned by her beauty and she toward me and said”have you experience the hot sex in the changing room”. Then she started to unzip my pants and hold my growing cock into her mouth…

American sexy young sex doll

152cm Lifelike Hot Sexy Doll – Belle

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Belle is a slim Asia sex doll that is loved by our customers. She occupies huge D-cup boobs with a curvy body. She comes with a typical Asia cute small face and big black eyes. She works as a news anchor, so she has to keep her body perfect to look nice in the TV show. She lives in Tokyo right now and stays single for 3 years. 

I like to watch local news every day after dinner, so I am pretty familiar with Belle. I really like her voice and long black curly hair, her voice makes me calm and feel comfortable. She is my dream type of girl and I really want to meet her one day. Somehow, I quit my job and went to her company as a director. Now I can see her every day and become one of her colleagues. Besides, she and I are becoming friends now. 

One day, we worked late and I drove her home. She asked me if I like to have a drink at her house. I said, “why not”. We talked with nice wine, the mood gets great and romantic. When I was going to leave, she said she wanted me to stay. It surprised me a lot at the same time I was so happy. Then I kissed her and I told her that I have feelings for her for a long time. She kissed me back and lead me to her bedroom. Her body is super soft and smooth, we did a lot of hard sex positions until we both came. I can’t forget that crazy night and wait to have her every night and day. God, we also make love in my office, that’s so exciting and hot. Luckily, we are a couple now, she is all mine. 

Lifelike Hot Sexy Doll

Wrap up

We love to give our sex dolls different characters because that makes them more realistic and human. Our sex doll story is short, but you can spend your whole life by giving your lifelike sex doll with various characters to feel like dating different women. What’s your love story with your doll? You can tell us in the below comment sections.