What will you get from a sex doll? Does it worth buying?

Nowadays, sex dolls have become popular sex toys over the dildo and vibrator. Owing a realistic sex doll improves many people’s sex life quality, releases their pressure, and explores the wild sexual fantasy. Despite having sex with your doll, what else benefits will you get?

  1. Companionship
  2. Dress up fun
  3. Emotional connection
  4. As a photographic model

Sex dolls are not cheap, you have to think about carefully before buying them. If you never purchased a sex doll before, here comes up with the 2021 best sex doll buying guide for you, and make sure that you can get your first dream doll.

Small sex doll with long hair

Table of contents

  1. What do you have to consider in advance
  2. Types of sex dolls
  3. How to use a sex doll
  4. How do sex doll work
  5. What does it feel like having sex with a love doll
  6. The best 3 sex dolls recommendation

1. What do you have to consider in advance?

  • Budget

When choosing your companion, there are as many things to think about as one would anticipate. Your budget will be the top priority of what you get. But that is understandable because they last longer than anything if treated well and taken care of properly. Usually, a second hand sex dolls are the only cheap ones, and if you come across a new sex doll that is so cheap, remember that they are malicious vendors. It is always a good idea to select from reliable shops so as to have a peace of mind and sexual gratification forever.

  • Material

There are mainly two types of materials of the doll,new TPE sex doll and silicone sex doll are popular all over the world. These sex dolls have the most realistic touch feeling, lifelike outlook, and excellent durability. Make up your mind to pick a type of material for your love doll and aware of the pros and cons between silicone and TPE.

  • Figure

Dolls come with different body shapes, so what size of ass, tits, waist, slim or fat you want? On acsexdolls, we have full collection for you to choose from.

  • Height

Before purchase a sex doll, please be aware of the place you gotta hide your girl. Small sex dolls around 100cm tall is very popular on custermers, because they are easy to hide and store at home. Meanwhile, mini sex dolls are easier to clean, carry and pose sex positions. So you should choose the doll wisely and accordingly to the size and weight that you can handle.

  • Fetish

If you have some dark secret of your sex desire and fantancy, and want to be accomplished in your girl. Or if you love extremely dark skin color, large boobs, extra-big butts, and other fantanes of women, this is your best chance to custermozie them all in one doll.

So, having made the big step of making the decisions to own your sex doll, what next? Here we gathered some useful tips and guidelines for your first doll.

American Realistic blonde sex doll

2. Different Types of Sex Dolls

  • Sex Torso

If you are on a limited budget, a sex torso is a good option. They come with sexual anus and vagina and mostly anatomical features of full-size dolls, but they are smaller and much cheaper. They come with a curvy sexy figure but don’t have limbs and heads. Even this design looks a bit strange, but these dolls are equally arousing and satisfying as they have soft, sexy breasts and luscious butts.

Since the sex torsos are smaller and weigh lesser than full size versions, they are more convenient to pose different sex positions. They are a simplified versions of regular sex dolls.

Big Boobs Torso Sex Doll
  • Young Sex Doll

All young sex dolls will have a full-size head with a smaller torso and limbs. Their orifices are the same size as full-size dolls, but they’re much smaller and lighter than BBW sex dolls. Small sex dolls are the most popular sex doll type among the market.

Mini sex doll knee down
  • Full-size sex doll

There are large collection of full sized sex dolls among the market. They come with different skin color, nationality, appearance and figure shape. If you have enough budget to buy a full sized sex doll, then why not? They also come with sexual mouth for blow job to gain triple sex pleasure. These dolls have a durable metal skeleton with an adjustable head and limbs. They are more realistic and the most human-like type sex dolls.

Red hair lady sex doll laying in the bed
  • Male sex doll

Not only men have all the fun, but also women want to share of wildness and raunchy fantasies! Male sex dolls are also in huge demand, not just among women, but gay and bisexual group love them too. For sure, male sex dolls are typically more muscular, and the skin feels stiffer. These dolls come with a big penis – you can opt for either anal or oral.

American Young Lifelike Male Sex Doll
  • Transgender sex doll

A transgender sex doll comes with a female appearance but a penis as well, or a male appearance with penis and pussy at the same time. the penis can be removed. These dolls come with features both masculine and feminine and also with several orifices to have sex. A trans sex doll is the most sensible choice for those looking for penetrative pleasure, both submissively and aggressively. It will be an amazing fit for the transitionally active and curious customer.

3. How to use a sex doll?

So you’ve picked up the doll you want and it’s finally been delivered, now what? We had a complete guide on how to use a sex doll. It’s a very important guideline for the first-time buyer.

4. How does a sex doll work?

Sex doll made of stainless and durable steel and its articulations imitate the ones of the human body. The joints can be adjustable to hold any position.

5. What does it feel like to have sex with a love doll?

It’s amazing. You are in total control during the sex, you get to decide what sex position you want to be in, and your choice of the sex act. No need for warm ups or foreplay as well, you can penetrate it when you feel like it.

The sexual orifices are so realistic that you will not even feel it’s just a sex doll. Anytime your ready. It’s holes should stay tight. If you own a sex doll, you will feel fully satisfied sexually. No complaining if you ejaculate too fast. You can go fast or slow whenever you please.

big boobs bbw sex doll

6. The best 3 sex dolls recommendation

Jeannette wins the best-selling sex dolls in our store. She has been purchased hundreds of times, owing to her sweet and adorable face. She is 100cm tall who is light-weighted with A-cup boobs. If you are on a limited budget, Jeannette is the best girl to bring her home.

Japanese Anime Small Tits Short Sex Doll

Lydia is the second girl that is widely beloved by our customers. She has 5 different height options from 135cm to 168cm. She is slim but a curvy figure with C-cup boobs. She looks wild and sexy with lightly tanned skin.

Lifelike TPE Sex Doll

Dominique is the top selling thick sex dolls in 2020. She has 2 height options 135cm and 163cm. Guys can’t resist to her ultra-huge F-cup boobs. Nothing compares to have sex with such a curvy beauty.

Big Booty Love Doll


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