Sex doll is a tressure possession for sex doll lovers and collectors, however, a sex doll is an expensive toy for someone that never know it in the first time, and people all know that the inflatable sex doll is way much cheap than a realistic sex doll, so will the lifelike sex doll really worth the money? 

Yes, I think a lifesize sex doll is totally worth the price because they are made of higher quality materials that last longer and are safer for the body, which can fulfill every sexual desire and lust idea about a real woman, and provide you the best and more comfortable sex experience. 

Additionally, sex dolls are made with realistic feeling materials that are soft, smooth, and even wobble like real boobs and bottoms, which you can’t find on a blow-up sex doll. If you are still confused about why the price of a sex doll is so high, look no further, today, we are gonna explain all your questions here. However, you can always find a sex doll that is worth every penny, because your sexual satisfaction shouldn’t be an afterthought but a priority.

lifesize sweet sex doll

What Makes A Sex Doll’s Pirce So High?


Silicone and TPE are the most popular material that is used to make the sex doll, and the silicone material is more expensive than TPE, but they both create realistic and safe sex doll. These two materials will make the lifelike feeling when you use the sex doll, the butt and boobs can be wobbling, soft, just like a real woman. Therefore, the price will rise if you need a more healthy and safe doll. 

However, the cheaper inflatable sex doll is filled with air, they don’t give you a good sex experience, but boring daily masturbation. If you have sex with a doll made from silicone or TPE, then you might forget that you’re with a doll at all. Btw, the silicone sex doll is stiffer, and less durable than TPE, so we suggest you can get a TPE sex doll for the first time.

a-cup tpe 140cm full body sex doll


Sex doll market competition is more fierce than ever, the sex doll stores trying their best to win the customers. So here comes the AI sex doll, which is an AI robot, you can find sex dolls with artificial intelligence that can carry on a conversation as well as moan and groan when the appropriate spots are touched. An AI sex doll may talk to you, laugh at your jokes, move her head, lips, and do other facial expressions. This kind of doll can interact with you, hold a sexual conversation or non-sexual conversation with you, so the price may be higher than you thought. A regular Ai sex doll’s price will go from $3000- $12000.


When you start adding some features to your love doll, the price will constantly rise. The customization of a sex doll is a huge investment, you want a sex doll to look exactly what you like, you should pay the price. The hair, makeups, boobs, legs, butts, pubic hair, skin tones can be customized or you can choose whatever you like on the doll, even if you just provide a picture of a woman, they can make your dream come true. Therefore, if you add plenty of features, the price will cost you not only hundreds but thousands.

huge tits with small body fullsize sex doll


Yes, the last but not least factor is resellers. Some sex doll stores are just resellers, they don’t produce or develop the sex doll, but resellers of a sex doll factory. However, sex doll factories need to gain more profit, so they will provide the higher price to a reseller, and resellers do the same to raise their selling price. After all, the price is much higher than it should be, sometimes it’s overcharged. 

Not All Sex Dolls Are So Expensive

I can tell you that not all sex dolls are so expensive because silicone and TPE are less expensive than they used to be. And the sex doll industry is producing more TPE material sex dolls than the silicone sex doll or TPE body with a silicone head sex doll, they are more affordable and cheaper.

How to Choose An Affordable Sex Doll Store?

Choose the default doll

Most sex doll stores provide the dolls come molded as one single piece. This kind of sex doll is much cheaper than a customized sex doll, and it can be delivered from the US warehouse directly, it’s more safe and fast. The customized sex doll should take at least 7 days to produce and develop, and take 10 days or more to deliver.

Own a sex doll factory

Sex doll stores that can produce and develop sex dolls can provide more affordable price dolls. Acsexdolls is the leading company that has a huge factory to design and create their sex doll, their exclusive products direct to customers saving you big bucks.

Delivery from local warehouse

Sex doll store that can deliver the doll from your local warehouse is trustworthy. It means they are serious about this business and promise you fast and safe delivery. Plus, they have more stock dolls in their warehouse, and will not charge you more shipping fees.

If you are a first buyer, choose a mini sex doll

Mini sex doll is a full body sex doll with a minimized body, it provides a realistic sex experience for the diable man or old man with back problems because it’s easy to carry and move around, you won’t like a heavy BBW sex doll if you are not a strong man. Once you are trying to purchase a sex doll, the mini sex doll can be the best choice when you are on a limited budget but still want a lifesize doll, the smaller, the cheaper.

A mini sex doll kneeling on the ground with hands on her ass

Final word

Sex doll is no longer a luxury product now. Some are really expensive because they are a better and more intelligent product than they used to be, but some are affordable, as the materials use on the doll are less expensive than before. As long as you find the value of the doll, it must be worthy of every money you spend on it. 

I think that if you want to purchase a sex doll, the money should’s be a big problem for you, this is a long-term investment, they are not just a sex doll, but a life partner to you. It may cost you a fortune in the first place, but it provides you happiness and joy for the rest of your life.