Sex doll is mostly used by man and becoming the most popular and socially acceptable sex toy nowadays. Like female sex dolls, male sex dolls also underwent a change of sex doll market structure in the last several years. Male sex doll is rising and becomes a demanding toy for gay, female, and male group. It definitely changes the sex life of women, thus, many women and gay groups are eager to experience the new way of sexual pleasure. 

Over these years, the development of sex dolls is speeding up and the design improves fast, which you can find that the love doll has a super realistic face and body shape. Moreover, the customization of sex dolls will bring you to the next level of sex lust with your preferred doll. They can have a movie star face and model shape body with a big and long-lasting penis. There is no shame in having sex with a sex doll, people can do whatever they want to please their bodies.

Owning a male sex doll is popular in 2021, women and gay male customers told us that “Having sex with a male sex doll is way better than with a real man, he makes me more comfortable with sex and I can try anything new with him, and let’s make me more confident than ever in sex”. A male sex doll always comes up with a muscular body and huge penis that to fulfill the female sex fantasy and achieve sexual pleasure. So even the female sex doll dominates the sex doll market, but many women turn to the male sex doll now, and here we come up with the 5 top reasons that why is that.

A male sex doll that lifts his clothes to reveal his chest muscles

1. No more blind dates

Dating sometimes can be daunting and exhausting, especially, when your friends set you up a blind date that would be waste of time. And when your girl is involved, that may put your friendship at risk. If she sets you up with a guy who is so not your type, it could make you question the friendship. Stop letting your friend set you up and buy a male sex doll to enjoy your moment. Your male sex doll does not need to know your taste, hobby, favorite sex positions, and TV shows, his duty is to sever you and make you comfortable, ease, and satisfy. 

Sometimes, you may need a date night, he can be your best plus one. He is tall, handsome, caring, and perfect. If you dress him up with some suit, everyone should be jealous of your “boyfriend”. 

American Young Lifelike Male Sex Doll

2. Boost your sexual confidence 

Not everyone has a super model’s body, and no one should be. Magazines or Instagram constantly show us how perfect our model’s bodies and make us not confident about our appearance, that’s called body shame. Many young girls do not satisfy their body shape and when they having sex with a man, they are afraid of being criticized for not having a skinny body, perky tits, small waist. Therefore, they won’t like to go out to search for a date and rather be alone at home. 

Owning a male sex doll will change the situation, women do find that male sex doll won’t criticize their belly rolls, fat thigh, not very smooth skin, there is no pressure to do so to please the other person. He is always pleasing to having sex with you, even if you have bad sex skills. You can practice your skills with him and ride as much as you want.

 Having sex with a male sex doll will let you know your body more and easy to reach the most intense sexual pleasure, discover what works and doesn’t work for your body. He is the best sex partner you can have, and you can only focus on your feeling, you can stop whenever you like without feeling guilty. One of our female customers said that”When I having sex with him, I feel completely comfortable, I don’t care about how to please his feeling or body, that’s easy for me to reach the orgasm” and others said”I don’t want to involve a lot with my partner, and I’m just not in the mood for foreplay, so a male sex doll is my best choice .’”


3. Don’t have to worry about your safety

Tinder men are mad and crazy, and you don’t know about his health condition and what kind of disease he got. If the people you are dating are sexually active and not using condoms, you are likely to get STDs. However, having sex with a male sex doll is completely satisfy and healthy, as they are made of the premium material TPE and silicone, so they feature no bad smell, soft, no allergy reaction, easy to clean. A male sex doll is more like a virgin to you because you are the first sex for him. As long as you are the only one who uses your love doll, he is no harm to you. 

American strong gay male sex doll

4. Everlasting penis and non-stop orgasms

“I don’t have time to wait for a “man” to recharge,” said one of our customers.

A male sex doll will let you control the pace of your orgasm, and you can do it again and again. With a regular size of the 18-inch everlasting penis, you can control your pleasure and don’t worry about your partner’s needs, besides, you can take your time to climax or be selfish and get off to go to sleep without concerning your partner’s feelings. No one will judge you even if you make a lot of mistakes.

Japanese Samurai Gay Male Sex Doll

5. Best companionship and a good listener

He can’t talk, judge you, anything you like to share with him will not be shared with others. If you like to be alone, he won’t get in your way; If you like someone to company with you or listen to your long day’s work, he can be your best friend. Waking up with such a handsome man would be every women’s dream. And now with the best quality male sex doll will make all your sexual desire and fantasy come into reality. 

Male sex doll sitting on the sofa

Where can I buy a male sex doll?

Actually, there are many options of where to buy a sex doll, such as eBay, online shops, and so on. In Acsexdolls, you can find a huge collection of male sex dolls, gay man sex dolls, they are made of TPE or silicone material to achieve the most realistic look and super soft body. Besides, Acsexdolls has multiple warehouses around the world, which means you can get your male sex doll within 3-7 working days, it’s fast and instant than other online stores. 

As they have a real sex doll factory, so they offer high-quality and low-priced sex dolls for their customers. Before you purchase your love doll, you can ask them to provide the sex doll factory picture to take a look at what a male sex doll looks like and be sure this is the one you like to buy. 

Wrap up

Sex dolls will always obedient to you, loyal to you. It also perfects your sex skills and saves money for dating. You can just stay home and do the things you like. Sex dolls are great if you live alone. Your doll will never talk back to you and he’ll stay young forever.