I guess you have already noticed that we published some new mini sex dolls with flat boobs in our store. Yes, they are called AXB sex dolls, one of the most promising sex doll brands in recent years. Of course, you know about big brands like WM Doll, Piper Doll, YL Doll, SE Doll, and more, but there are some great new brands we work with that are not so bad. And AXB is one of them, honestly, their flat chest love dolls are super popular now so we have to bring them to you guys. 

Why Work With AXB Sex Doll?

Unique Design With Difference Looks

An AXB sex doll looks as natural as it feels, no manufactory can copy them. Each one is crafted with both beauty and realism in mind, the doll’s body ratio is 1:1 from the real girls. Your AXB doll is sculpted to perfection, and the style, look of these flat chest little dolls allow you to fulfill your sex fantasy.

Customization options allow you to build your dream partner

Yeah, most of the sex doll stores offer customization services for their customers, but what AXB impressed us is their R-Makeup, they make the doll’s body more realistic and close to the real girl. In other words, they can do the makeup on the doll’s body, build the veins, and more little details to make the doll has no different from a real one, how cool is that, right? Moreover, they also have the customization options like vagina style, breast style, heating, skeleton, and more, you can create exactly what you want from your AXB doll.

sweet little girl teen sex doll

The reasonable price that you can afford it

A big brand like WM dolls has a super high price, not everyone can afford it. AXB is a new brand in this market, so their price is relatively lower than other brands now, but we can make the wildest guess that their price will go up due to their high quality and unique design in the future. 

Why Choose The Flat Chest Sex Doll?

Honestly, Acsexdolls doesn’t own many flat boobs sex dolls, and our customers require more options because they find the flat chest sex dolls are attractive, easy to store, easy to clean, and some guys just don’t like a girl with big boobs, so we provide it to them with high-quality AXB sex dolls. Furthermore, the company uses TPE, a skin-soft, hypoallergenic material on all their toys, just like us. The material is what gives these units their incredibly realistic feeling.

4 Best AXB Little Sex Doll You Can Use to Explore Your Sexuality


Nina can be both a companion and a sexual partner to you, and fulfill all your lust desire about a young girl. She is 110cm in height, 20kg in weight, and perfect for any man to lift and carry around. Her black hair and eyes are so gorgeous just like a real Asian girl. Nothing is better than spending time with this cute, sweet girl, your life will be 100% free from loneliness and frustrations. Nina has all the parts of a real girl, between her legs, she has a soft and inviting vagina. Of course, she also has a sexy ass, so that you can vary your naughty play with her. Her flat chest is her weapon to win your heart, the limbs can create all sorts of positions. Her skin texture is made of the lifelike material TPE, so you do not worry about getting an allergy when using Nina.

small boobs sweet girlfriend


Shelby is our newest and best-selling mini sex doll in 2022, look at her cute little face, so adorable and innocent. The big alluring eyes, small juicy lips, tiny nose are combined in one single little doll. Shelby is not only can be your sex partner but also be a great collection for sex doll lovers. Her flat chest makes her more gorgeous, you will find nothing but cuteness in her. As she is tiny, all you need is some basic maintenance, taking care of her is less troublesome than a big sex doll. Asides from her aesthetic appeal, her internal muscles were built in a way that they are agile enough to give maximum pleasure. She also comes with all two orifices, giving your a multiple choice of penetration. Lucky for you, she is in stock now, bring her home and enjoy your time with her.

cutest little asian lifelike doll


Zola is a little TPE doll that is lighter and creates the perfect feel of real human touch. She is small, lightweight, and won’t take up much of your space. All your kinkiest desires can be brought to reality with Zola on your bed. She got beautiful, deep black big eyes which are innocent and sweet. And she has flat boobs which are easy to buy her any small girl clothes. You can use Zola as your companion, sex partner, friend, or even girlfriend. She will be a savior for you and get to fulfill all of your sexual desires without having to leave your home. Although she’s body is tiny, with the help of a built-in metal skeleton, she can pose as much as positions you want. Anytime you are ready, she will be there for you. She is in stock in China, but you can get her within 7-15 days.

AXB love doll with mini body


Mini sex dolls are somewhat the least expensive of all the different sex dolls available in the market. Additionally, they are easier to handle and move around. Luckily, Vava is one of them, she is made of TPE material which makes her super flexible, odorless, and durable. As she has a small body, so that you can lift her easily, and she is easy to store and hide, this little love doll will not cause any trouble for you but bring happiness and joy. This miniature sex doll looks exactly like those girls in their teens. And you can find at least 2 orifices for penetration purposes, the vagina and anal. Vava is very popular due to her flat chest boobs, if you like to try something new with this young sweet girl, bring her home at the lowest price now.

japanese young mini sex doll

Why There Are Only Four Dolls On Your Store Now?

First, we only picked the best and high-quality sex doll for you, these 4 flat chest sex dolls are the best selling in the market. Second, we need to make sure this kind of love doll can meet your guy’s standard, honestly, you guys are picky, and for now, these dolls earn their high reputation from our customers. Last but not at least, we still negotiate the price and want to bring a reasonable and affordable price for our valuable customers. You won’t regret choosing the doll in our store.

Final word

Acsexdolls aims to maintain high standards of choosing the sex doll, and we love to work with a new and promising brand like AXB. Spoil alert, we will publish more AXB sex dolls in the next few weeks, there may more flat chest sex dolls or mini sex dolls, or taller sex dolls, we will see.