Sex doll is a sex toy that builds to look like a real human, they got the physical attributes that men desire, huge boobs, fat ass, small waist, juicy vagina are used to fulfill a man’s sexual lust. Now, it becoming a necessary companion for people who feel lonely but still have sexual needs.

Some people care more about the emotional feeling when they have sex, some people are interested in having sex with a perfect and sexy body. People who is single for years and didn’t want their right hand to be their sole companion have every right to buy a realistic sex doll to satisfy themself. But if someone in a relationship, would you let your partner have a love doll? Should we call it cheating?

First thing first, why does your partner want a sex doll?

  1. Would he buy it for spicing up your sex life?
  2. Does he have a sexual desire for a celebrity or porn star?
  3. Dose he has some kinky sex desire for women?
  4. Has your sex life become boring?
  5. Does your partner look for an outlet?

Communication is key in a romantic relationship. Talk to your partner before you bring a sex toy or sex doll into your bedroom. Knowing each other’s sexual desires is important to keep the relationship going. Just be careful, do not let your partner fall in love with these dolls, since these dolls are never complaint and always in a good mood that’s very likely to be a good partner though.

sex doll

Here are 10 people who are willing to share their ideas.

“Probably, it depends.”

“If we are in a long-distance relationship, and he has needs, I don’t think it’s cheating, if we are live together, that’s another case, I think I can’t watch my man fuck other women.”

“Yes, It would also be fun to simulate a threesome with my wife.”

“In fact, my wife has a six-inch dildo, eight-inch rabbit ear dildo, a butt plug, a beaded butt dildo, the original Magic Wand, and a small egg vibrator. I am looking around for a dildo thrusting machine and a Sybian sex machine for her too.

On my side of the toy collection, I have an original Fleshlight, an Autoblow 2, an Oral Cup, another Oral vibrator cup, and two Fleshlight clones. We’ve spoken about perhaps getting a sex doll one day, but those things cost around $2,000+ for a very good realistic one. 

Mind you, this isn’t about not being able to satisfy each other. This is just adding to our sex life. Also, something we could do when our partner is not available.”

“A sex doll cannot take your place though.”

“What if for any diseases or kind of other reasons you can’t satisfy your husband and he wants to use a sex toy, then he can go ahead. After all, women use sex toys too. It’s only fair. A sex doll cannot take your place though, because she can’t do the cooking and laundry, share feelings or have children with it. It can’t even prepare his meals and pray for him. Even if the sex doll completely takes your place, it’s better and comforting than for getting another woman pregnant or get sexually transmitted diseases from a hooker.”

“Yeah, why not, my partner’s body does not belong to me, he has the right to do anything.”

” If a sex doll can satisfy him sexually, I would love to buy one for him. And I think my boyfriend will ask me to join him, I love it. If you feel jealous of or threatened by the doll, maybe you should work on improving yourself and your connection with your boyfriend so that an inanimate object doesn’t make you feel insecure.”

sex doll threesome

“I bought my husband one. “

“In my case, when we have sex it’s great and satisfying. I just have a very low sex drive. I’ve never worried about him cheating on me, he’s a great guy and Dad. And he never gave me a hard time about the low sex in our marriage. I wanted him to have a way to enjoy himself. A safe way. We have a spare room in the basement he’s free to enjoy himself whenever he wants.”

“I wouldn’t consider it cheating, but I would be somewhat bemused by such an acquisition.”

” I would ask him to demonstrate how, exactly, he plans to enhance our sex life with it. I would assume he had a plan; after all, we have many other toys that he uses to great effect. Only if it added nothing to our mutual sex life and was detrimental to my satisfaction would I get angry.”

“I think every man in the world should own a sex doll.”

” Pregnancy fuckin hurts! And the population would go down so would disease. I just bought one for my man. He deserves it. The doll can also potentially be a tool that helps me to keep my boyfriend happy.”

“Only if you wish to alienate yourself from the intimacy of that part of his life.”

” You could, alternatively, consult an endocrinologist to find out if there is anything you can do to address your sagging excitement. I suspect that anyone who would ask this question has already found emotional distance and loss of intimacy in the relationship to be an acceptable aspect of the marriage.”

TPE Love Doll 16

“Talk it out, ask him why he needs it..maybe I can figure something out. 

“I mean he spent 1000$ on a sex doll, so it’s transparent that he’s going to be into it for a while. So what am I’m gonna do? Watch it? I can’t do that, if we are in a relationship, we are agreeing on the commitment that we should belong to each other, if he doesn’t like having sex with me, just break up with me though.”

“Unless he can buy me one too”

“I mean if he is willing to have intercourse with a sex doll over me, then I love to have a try with a male sex doll. I have plenty of sex toys, but never have a sex doll or threesome, I think that would be exciting”

Final word

Some people love women, but he doesn’t like around people. So here comes the realistic sex doll to help them achieve their lust desire and deal with loneliness. If you are in a relationship, just talk to your partner and ask her”this is ok with you?” If you are both agree, then you can have it. Don’t be afraid to talk to each other about your sexual desires. Communication is the key to a happy relationship.

If your partner doesn’t like the idea, try with some sex toys first. Sex doll has a human shape, so some people can’t accept it at first. In a word, there is nothing wrong with pleasing your body with a sex doll or sex toy and there is no emotional connection with them.