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AXB Sex Dolls

An AXB sex doll looks as natural as it feels, no manufactory can copy them. Each one is crafted with both beauty and realism in mind, the doll’s body ratio is 1:1 from the real girls. Your AXB doll is sculpted to perfection, and the style, look of these flat chest  dolls allow you to fulfill your sex fantasy.
Yeah, most of the sex doll stores offer customization services for their customers, but what AXB impressed us is their R-Makeup, they make the doll’s body more realistic and close to the real girl. In other words, they can do the makeup on the doll’s body, build the veins, and more little details to make the doll has no different from a real one, how cool is that, right? Moreover, they also have the customization options like vagina style, breast style, heating, skeleton, and more, you can create exactly what you want from your AXB doll.