Shipping & Return

Shipping Area

List of countries where overseas warehouses can be delivered

warehouseCountriesDeliver Time
Los Angeles warehouseUnited States1-5 days
Vancouver Warehouse, CanadaCanada1-5 days
Sydney warehouse in AustraliaAustralia1-5 days
Russian warehouseRussia1-10 days
European Czech warehouseBelgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, France, United Kingdom, Italy,
Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Poland, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal,
Sweden, Spain, Slovakia, Finland, Ireland, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Iceland, Malta,
Croatia, Germany, Norway, Switzerland
1- 10 days
European Spanish warehousePortugal, France, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Czech Republic, Denmark,
Luxembourg, Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia
1-10 days
  1. The corresponding overseas warehouse is sent to the corresponding country, and generally it can be delivered, except for remote areas and islands.
  2. There will be some countries where the freight is more expensive (more remote areas), there are channels to send from overseas warehouses, additional freight may be required, if you need it, you can contact us in time.
  3. Puerto Rico can send packages from US warehouses, but additional shipping costs are required, about 100 US dollars.

How long will the shipping take?

Please note: All taxes and customs clearance fees are included in the price.

We offer Free Shipping worldwide. After you placed the order, we will ship your doll within 1-2 days, and the order number will help you to check shipment delivery status online. If there are no special circumstances, you will receive your doll within 3 -7 days.

We have overseas warehouses in Los Angeles United States, Vancouver Canada, Sydney Australia, Czech Republic, Spain, Belgium, and Russia, which means our customers will get an efficient and robust delivery service.

We have multi-carrier options to deliver your doll: UPS/FedEx/DHL/GLS, the sex doll will leave the warehouse and be on its way to you through the fastest courier route.

If you have recurring courier service needs, please contact us in advance.

Return Policy

1. Since our sex dolls are customized products, once we start shipping for you, we do not support refunds. But you can refund at any time before we ship.

2.Before shipment, we will conduct a comprehensive inspection. If you need pictures of the doll’s factory, you can contact us through online customer service.

3.When the Sex Doll arrives in your hand, it is necessary to take an unpacking video to prove the authenticity of the possible defects.

4.If it is not satisfactory for other reasons, you can consult us, but since the Sex Doll will touch the skin and reproductive organs, it will affect the second sale, so once you use it, we will not be able to refund.

We attach great importance to product quality. If you are not satisfied with our products, you can return them after meeting the following conditions

  1. The product was damaged
  2. The product does not match the description
  3. The product has seriously exceeded the delivery time limit

How to return the sex doll?

For unshipped orders, we will return unconditionally. If the package is in transit or has arrived, you can contact us after the above conditions are met, write your order number and the reason for the return, and we will reply to you in time and notify you Your return method

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