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Fat Sex Doll

Fat girls are always kind and open-minded. They have a beautiful face, smooth skin with a plump body, the softness of their skin will make you get excited. Lying by her side is super comfortable and cozy.

Here we present you with the best and generous fat sex dolls. You must aware of their beautiful face with delicate makeup because they are made by our best makeup artist. Our fat sex doll is the half weight of real women, they may not light than a skinny sex doll, but you don’t have any trouble with moving and posing them, since they only weigh 32-53kg. They are soft as the real fat girls, created by the world’s best material that makes a sex doll-TPE. It’s soft, odorless, safe, and realistic. Then you can’t get any allergy reactions by using our sex doll, it only brings you the real sex experience and helps you improve your sex skills.

You can see those fat sex dolls are featured with big boobs and huge butts, it’s easy for you to grab their ass and penetrate the hole. The head and body are built in 24 flexible joints, so you can pose her in any sex position you like, also can have eye contact with her during the sexual intercourse. The fat sex doll enjoys the doggy or missionary position. They don’t complain about getting fast or slow, anytime you are ready, the hole is always staying tight only for you.

We are real manufacture, you can rest assured that we have a strict standard production process and design concept. The best part? We are not like other online stores, we offer the best quality at a comparable price. You can take her home for only $880. If you can’t find the right one, please contact us for further needs.