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Mini Sex Doll

What are Mini Sex Dolls?

A mini sex doll is also called a small sex doll, teen sex doll, tiny sex doll, and petite sex doll. They have cute and innocent faces, it can show the man’s masculinity more than a BBW sex doll. The height range is from 65cm to 125cm, and the best-selling height is 100cm sex doll.  

Mini sex doll in Acsexdolls is made of TPE material, which it’s super safe, odorless, and soft to use. They are delicate makeup, beautiful faces, and curvy body, anyone who owns little sex dolls is attracted by her cute and sweet look. 

Why small sex dolls are the best sellers? 

  • Affordable price

Choosing to buy a mini sex doll is the most economical choice for those who have a limited budget. To anyone who wants to have sex with a full-body love doll, a teen sex doll would be the best choice for beginners. 

Acsexdolls owns a real sex doll factory, so we provide affordable price sex dolls for anyone who wants to fulfill their sex fantasy about a little doll. Besides, we put our customer’s satisfaction is our top priority, any kind of mini sex doll will be found in our store at the lowest price.

  • Petite size, lightweight, easy to store and carry

The weight of small sex dolls is about 10kg to 16kgs, which is easier to clean and store than big and tall sex dolls. In addition, it’s more manageable to pose sex positions, especially when you have backache or injured arms. When it comes to storage consideration, you just have a little space for her in your closet. Even you hide under your quilt on the bed, it’s not obvious at all. 

Mini sex doll featured with small size but curvy body, lower price, and lightweight, it’s easy to store and carry. With flexible joints that allow it to be positioned in a variety of positions for display and sexual acts. 3 In 1 sex doll, vaginal sex, anal sex, and breast sex. Built-in realistic anus and vagina cavities with ribbed pattern and particles inside.

How are mini love dolls different from bigger size sex dolls? 

Unlike other life-size sex dolls, they have small-sized figures. But compared to a petite figure building with C-cup boobs and rounded butts that shapes it a small but super curvy body. And you might think they are supposed to have very shallow cavities compared to big sex dolls? That is wrong. For 100cm to 125cm mini sex dolls, they possess 15cm vaginal depth, 10 anal depth, and 9cm oral depth which are good sizes for you to mimic real intense sex. The TPE material is stretchy and elastic, so the depth could be more explored. Importantly, they are much cheaper than other big sex dolls. 

Lifelike small and teen sex doll for sale

Shop our cheap small sex dolls, it’s super cute and sweet, like your dream teenage girlfriend. You can choose the best realistic tiny sex doll type like Japanese mini sex dolls, hentai mini sex dolls, mini amine sex dolls.

We also offer a small sex doll with big breasts and pink nipples, or you may like a flat chest sex doll with a big ass that brings a tight and exciting sex experience. If you are on a budget, then a mini sex doll is your best first buy. 

Is a mini sex doll legal to purchase in my country?

The small love dolls have been popularized by many of our valuable customers. We don’t encourage pedophiles, on the contrary, it’s forbidden in any country on the earth. But considering those people who may disabled or have bad backache issues, they can not burden heavy sex dolls. So a mini love doll is the only option to go. For those countries where the government has declared strict rules for importing small dolls, like Australia, we are not able to ship them to your address. 

But for most countries, we are still capable to ship as we have 8 overseas warehouses located in different countries, so that shipping a small doll is not necessary to go through the custom. To make sure our value customers’ safety, if it’s not safe to ship a small sex doll to your address, we would like to advise canceling the order instead of shipping at risk. 

Here we listed the leading 7 advantages of owning a mini sex doll:

  1. Good for beginner
  2. Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  3. Easy to store and hide
  4. Easy to clean and maintain
  5. Affordable price
  6. Equipped with basic orifices
  7. Cute, sweet, and unique

Many customers enjoy mini sex dolls for multiple reasons, mainly due to the significantly cheaper price and the little space they take up while doing the same job and offering the same feeling as their full-sized counterparts.