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Siliko Doll is a very popular sex doll brand in the market. They are known as the next generation of silicone sex dolls. All the sex dolls are built with an EVO skeleton which is more flexible than a metal skeleton, the shoulders can shrug, the spine can lean left and right, legs can bend down in any position you like.

Made of high-quality silicone material that is non-toxic and safe to use, and it can remain a realistic appearance even having a hot bath. Siliko Doll has a unique manufacturing method that can eliminate the luster of silicon, allowing you to enjoy the most comfortable sex without obstacles. They are good at making young sex dolls, Japanese sex dolls with a height of 160cm, which is suitable for most of the man.

Why our Siliko Doll collection is worth buying?

We are an official authorized reseller by Siliko Doll. We have access to the full Siliko Doll collection, and we only present the best and affordable Siliko Doll for you. Here is the new and latest collection of Siliko Dolls like Anime Sex Dolls, Japanese sex dolls, and more. You can always find the right one here, if not, please contact us for further needs.

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