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HR doll is quite a popular brand in the sex doll market, located in Shenzhen, China. They are specializing in creating high-quality TPE sex doll and always insist on customer satisfaction. All the material they used to create the real-life sex doll is top medical level, non-toxic, and environment-friendly. You can safely use the sex doll without any trouble.

HR doll has a huge collection of TPE sex doll from heigh 106cm-174cm, breast size A-cup to J-cup. All the sex dolls are well-made by designers and best sculptors, not just a sex partner but also the visual enjoyment for man. They also offer the 167cm silicone male sex doll, with a 17cm length penis make them a perfect sex partner for gay or ladies. With the moveable joint, allowing you to move the sex doll up and down, as well as pose any sex positions that you desire, no complaining about you getting fast and slow. Any time you ready, the hole will stay tight only for you.

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