This guide provides you a comprehensive introduction on how to use a sex doll. Having sex with a sex doll will give you a super tight, realistic, and intense sexual experience that will certainly blow your mind.

When you first purchase the full-size sex doll, you may confuse about how to use it properly without damage your love doll and can be used for a longer time. 

As a sex doll manufacturer for years, we have a lot of experience in sex dolls making, designing, usage, cleaning, and storage. If you don’t have one but consider buying a sex doll, check our best realistic sex doll to get an affordable one.


Before using the sex doll

How to Unpack & Assemble the real-life sex doll

You must be excited about the package when it comes in front of the door. But hold your horse for a moment, there may cause damage because of wrong unboxing steps. Please follow the below steps to unboxing and assembling:

Step 1: Save enough space to open and lie down your doll

Move the package to a place where is enough space to open and lie down your doll. Ensure where you put the doll is clean or place a clean cloth on the floor instead of getting stains or scratches on the doll’s skin. 

Our realistic sex dolls weight varies from 8kgs to 40kgs. The bigger you ordered the doll is, the heavier the package is. So you’d better prepare how to move it from your porch, like ask for help with a friend or tip the delivery man. No carry trouble for a mini sex doll, or young sex doll.

Step 2: Use a knife to open the package along the seams of the box 

Your beloved sex doll has a strong package in order to bear the extreme temperature and humidity, so don’t cut too deep with your cutting tool as you never want to hurt your favorite sex doll partner at the first sight. Keep the box under your bed, you might still need a “bed” for her as well.

Step 3: Unpack and place the body on the floor gently

Now you gotta touch your love doll, so please ensure your hands are clean. Usually, the body, the head, and some other accessories come within the box. Once you open the box, you will see the doll body is wrapping in a plastic bag. And you will find the head is placed between the upper thighs and packed separately. Now just unpack and place the body, head, and other accessories gently on the floor. 

Step 4: Attach the head to your new sex doll and put on the wig

The sex doll you purchase will come with random lingerie, you can also buy some clothes to make your doll beautiful. For a mini sex doll, teen clothes are good choices that are fashionable and small enough for her.


During use the sexy doll

A sex doll is always ready and available to pleasure a man, now the doll is totally at your disposal. In this part, we guide how to have better sex with your hot sex doll.

1. How to have oral sex with your lifelike sex doll?

Well! A sex doll function is designed to give pleasure and companion. Pose your doll in a position that arouses you the best, doggy style, missionary, girls on top, against the wall, then penetrate her and treat your girl with your power. 

Here are two ways helping to enjoy vagina sex to the fullest: 

  • Using a condom is easier to clean up and hygienic

It protects both your penis and the sex doll’s tender skin. Otherwise, if you come to the vagina, the entire cleaning with anti-bacterial soap is very important. 

  • The other way you might like is using lubricant

TPE and silicone material make the sex doll super realistic, but we recommend you to use a water-soluble lubricant to keep your skin unharmed and protect your sex doll’s from unexpected damage. 

As we mentioned above, preparing an anti-bacteria soap is necessary and some other cleaning accessories you might also need like vagina irrigator, renewal powder.

But whatever you use a condom or not, it’s better to clean the entire vagina every time you have sex with her. Keep her clean is your duty and it’s good for you as well.


2. How to have oral sex with your realstic sex doll?

 Her lips are designed to look beautiful, but more than it, kissing or oral sex are both available. Having a non-stop blowjobs is always a dream of men, the sex doll can give you continuous blowjobs you never had with real women. 

She has a deep throat but you are never worried about if you go too deep that makes her gag reflex or feel uncomfortable. 

Apply some water-soluble lubricant on your penis and we rest assured that you’ll feel great and enjoyable. 

3. How to have anal sex with your life-size sex doll?

Some of us are always curious about anal sex, we wanna try if given a chance. The difficulty is we hard to find a girl who is willing to have anal sex with a man. Now here is the chance!! Both our female dolls and male dolls are designed anal functionally. Being posed a position as you like, your baby doll would love to share the wonderful moment with you. Please remember to apply some water-soluble lube as well.

Well here are 3 major sex ways with a Sex Doll, you can explore some more interesting activities with your baby doll. They are not only can be kissed, hugged, and fucked but also companionship, role play, cosplay. Never stop making any possibility, just remember not to be too rough and violent.

After using the sex doll

 1. If you want your doll can be companioned as long as you wish, cleaning and maintenance are essential for her. Clean your sex doll is important after using her every time. 

Clean with an anti-bacterial soap and vagina irrigator is necessary. Fill soap water into irrigator and insert irrigator into where you penetrate just now. Squeeze the irrigator and flush out impurities. It takes only a few minutes to clean her up, so be patient and don’t be lazy. 

 2. After cleaning, you need to store her in a proper place. Before you store it, be rest assured she is dry. There is no best storing way, only which is convenient for you. Generally, lying and hanging are what we use commonly. 

Tips for lying: do not place her on the hard floor directly. Put a cushion or anything soft on the floor first, then lay down her on it. Of course, if you have a box or bed for her, that would be perfect. Make sure she back won’t be flattened or deformed, otherwise it’s impossible to rebound back.

Tips for hanging: if you have a closet with enough space to hang her. Oh yes!! Hang her body with a hook on the neck. And need a holder for her head. We sell the hook and head holder here to help store dolls better.


You can do more thing with your sex doll

  1. She is a good listener, tell her all the stress and upsets from work and life and deep secrets you can’t tell other people. She may not able to comfort you with nice words, but she is always there for you. she can give you warm hugs and kisses that make you comfortable.
  2. She is not just a sex doll, but your “girlfriend”, you can have a romantic candlelight dinner with her, a glass of wine and a nice meal will release your body pressure, or you can watch the great users porn videos with her while touching her body.
  3. She can be your “art”, dressing her up and making her beautiful can give some fashion designers more inspiration.

Having a real-life sex doll is great. She will never refuse any requirements you ask for. The cleaning, care, and maintenance of the sex doll may cost time, but she worth it.