We have all kinds of sex fantasies when we’re bored or horny, and it’s normal. Who didn’t have an obsession with their favorite movie star or porn star growing up? Some men like blonde beauties like Britney Spears, Scarlett Johansson, some fond of big ass and huge butt women like Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj. There is nothing wrong or strange about fantasizing about the celebrity to express your sexuality and pleasure yourself, most people learn about their sexuality through crushes on prominent people in the media.

“Celebrities are accessible and they have public personalities that are made to represent the pinnacle of beauty and sex appeal,” Weedmark said. So it’s totally normal to masturbate to celebrities. They always look perfect on screen, which makes them unattainable in real life, and also exciting to fantasize over.

Nowadays, with the development of sex doll technology and advanced design, the sex doll designers make the celebrity come into real life and fulfill people’s sexual desire. The celebrity sex doll is molded by the real person with sexual functions like mouth, vagina, anus. They have a highly realistic appearance, featured with curvy bodies and the same height as the real women. Some of them even have the same costume or style as the movie character. Having sex with a celebrity is no longer a fantasy. 

Anyone who has the sex desire for your loved movies star, rock star, we got you the most realistic famous sex doll. and, we listed the best 3 celebrity sex doll to make your dream come true.

168cm Real Silicone Sex Doll – Daenerys

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168cm Real Silicone Sex Doll

The Game of Throne is my favorite TV series, and my love for the stormborn, mother of dragon -Daenerys is forever. Daenerys has the classical Valyrian look; She has violet eyes, pale skin, and long, pale silver-gold hair. Daenerys is slender of frame, with small breasts. She is such a beauty queen that every man desire to have a romatic adventure with her.

Have you ever fantasized about her? Have you ever wanted to fight for her? Now, all your little or big fantasies will come true with our super realistic silicone sex doll. As we all know, silicone is the most realistic material that can make the sex doll look like a real person, so the Daenerys is one of the best silicone love dolls. Her head is made of silicone, so you can feel the real queen stand in front of you. Her makeups, eyebrows, lips are exquisite, you can’t tell the difference between her and the actress. The best part? Her body is made of TPE material, which is super soft to touch and squeeze.

Daenerys is look small in the TV series, but we made her height 168cm which is super close height to real women. I always love her body, she is neither fat nor slim, she features with more curvy body, she is everything you can ask for a queen. Would it be nice if she lies in your bed and give you an exciting sex experience? She is on stock now and ready to serve you like a king, what a great adventure!

158cm Japanese Big Breast Pornstar Sex Doll – Laura

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Japanese Big Breast Pornstar Sex Doll

Have you ever had watched Japanese porn? Do these girls are attracted to you? The porn industry is very popular and huge in Japan, people are willing to pay to watch the AV girls. Japanese porn stars always have angle look faces, sweet smiles, and big boobs, nice costumes, they can be innocent and wild at the same time, which are fascinating to foreigners, And if you are a fan of an Asian chick, then you need to take Laura home.

Laura is a famous pron star in Japan, she is loved and spoiled by her AV fans. As she has the sweetest smile and cute face, men are likely to pay for watching her. Her body is super flexible and can do any sex position to make you happy, she loves wearing a maid outfit and seducing you with her curvy body. Japanese girls are obedient and quiet, she is only listening to their husbands and do whatever you tell them. She will not only comfort you in your lonely night but give you a mind-blowing mouth job. 

Her mouth is very kissable, and the lips feel soft and real. The vagina of this Asian love doll feels super tight and she also has huge breasts that you can suck and squeeze, a tiny waist that loves being grabbed by your manly hands. She is everything you want a real Asian girl has!

152cm Realistic TPE Naked Love Doll – Lillian

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TPE Naked Love Doll

No matter which celebrity helps you to get pleasure, there should be no guilt about being fantasized about one. Are you obsessed with a specific movie star? Lillian is here to help you fulfill all your desire and lust. You can have her in your bedroom, sofa, and anywhere you want to place her, she is not only the sex doll partner for you but also a great decoration in your house.

Her skin is soft, just like a real teenage girl’s. If you close your eyes and touch her, you won’t feel the difference. Her face is the most beautiful in all of our realistic sex dolls, once you lay eyes on her face, you will fall in love with her instantly. Her eyebrows are super matching to her eyes, it’s stunning. She does not have huge boobs, the C-cup size breasts are just fit for her slim body. You can squeeze her perky tits and spank her tight ass. Three realistic openings are ready for you to play, plunge deep into her tight pussy and feel the textured tunnels stroke your manhood. She will never let you down with her nice sex skills.

Final word

No one will or should blame you for having sex fantasies about a celebrity, it’s normal and good for sex life. No matter you are single or in a relationship, telling your sex fantasies to your partner will let your partner know more about you. If you are single, the lifelike sex doll can satisfy all your desire for a celebrity, they are realistic and have the great sex function to explore. If you are in a relationship, having a threesome with a celebrity sex doll must be an exciting sex adventure with your partner, and without cheating.