People buying realistic sex dolls for comforting and companying on lonely nights. Some guys feel difficult or too shy to go out and have a date with girls, they are treating the lifelike sex doll as their girlfriend for sex aid or companionship. Some have sex desire or fantasy about a certain celebrity or anime characters, so they buy the life-size love doll that is customized to look like a famous pornstar or movie star of their dreams. 

Some handicapped people find that a lifelike sex doll would be their best partner for the rest of their life, as they not able to ask other women to marry the disabled man, so the real looking sex doll is the best option for having sex. 

Therefore, there are many reasons that why people like to buy a realistic sex doll. Besides, many first buyers wonder that how long they can have them? Can I have them for a lifetime?

In this article, we will find out how long will the sex doll lasts and how to avoid the low-quality sex doll.

 Short Hair Teen Sex Doll With C-Cup

In a word, the realistic sex doll can last at least 10 years and more, but it depends on the following conditions:


TPE and silicone are the most common material to create the lifelike sex doll, and the TPE sex doll is now the most popular one. Both of these two materials can produce the most real-looking love doll, and they are flexible and stretch. Even if you press the sex doll’s skin super hard, it can return to the original place in less than 5 seconds. Silicone sex doll is heat resistant, oil-resistant, and easy to clean, while TPE sex doll is cold-resistant, odorless, anti-aging properties(they will never grow old). Therefore, a sex doll made by TPE or silicone will live for hundred years, but the inflatable sex doll that is made by plastic can’t last a week, it’s not as realistic as the TPE or silicone sex doll, it’s so fake and low-quality. 

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How often do you use her

Sex dolls are made for satisfying man’s needs, mostly. And people buy realistic sex doll is for one simple reason, sex. So, if you use her every day and night, it will not good for you or her. Although the sex doll’s vagina, anal, or mouth are well-made, it still gonna tear or fall out if you don’t use it properly. However, the way you use the sex doll is also the main aspect of how long will she last. If you are a lover of SM, liking to tight your sex doll up or beat her hard, then it may less the span of her life. Or if you have some crazy fantasy, please avoid the following situations:

  1. Do not tight her up with rough rope.
  2. Do not drag her across the floor.
  3. Do not use sharp objects, like knives and scissors to cut her up.
  4. Do not punch her hardly. 
  5. Do not stamp him on his body with high heel shoes.
Small face and big boobs mini sex doll

Maintain, cleaning and care

You spend a hundred or thousands of dollars to get a realistic sex doll, it deserves you to treat her right. The sex doll lover or collector always knows how to take care of their beloved dolls. But for the first buyer, it’s very important to give your sex doll good maintenance and care to lengthen her life span. With TPE dolls, in particular, they need more care than a silicone sex doll, and how and where to store your love doll is also part of her maintenance. Here we collected the best TPE sex doll care tutorials for you:

How to take care of your TPE sex doll

How to store and hide your sex doll

In other words, if you used the doll very often but with an average level of care, then it can only last one or two years. However, if you give the doll proper cleaning and storage, it will prolong the life of the doll for more than 10 years. It’s all up to you how to take care of your doll.

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Last but not at least, personal preference

People feel bored all the time and relationships are no exception, especially with the sex doll. Besides, you have used the doll for a long time, you may get bored and dislike her. And there are plenty of beautiful and perfect sex dolls on the market, if you have enough budget, you can experience all kinds of a sex dolls. Therefore, the life of your sex doll would be short due to your frequently replace your sex partner with the new doll.

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How to avoid the low-quality sex doll?

The sex doll’s life span is up to the quality of the sex doll, if you purchase the low-quality from an unknown brand or store, then it may only last for a week because some spam store will send the inflatable sex doll with the same price you pay for a life-size love doll. So we can avoid the low-quality sex doll in the first place before we purchasing. 

Choose the legit sex store 

Make sure that you buy your doll from someone who knows what they doing. Before you purchase your first doll, ask your friends where did he buy from, and with his shopping experience in the sex store, then you can buy from it too. What’s more, the sex doll forum and community are the best place for love doll admires and buyers to get help and identify the good or bad sex doll or sex doll online store.

The sex store that has a legit certificate or real factory can be trusted more, go check their “homepage” or “about us” page to get more information about it.

Compare the price

There always a rumor about “the higher price of sex dolls, the better quality you can get”. It’s not always the truth. Many sex doll stores are resellers, so they may raise the price for more profit. So you need you to compare several of sex doll store and choose the right and legit one. 

Ask customer support for factory pictures or video

Before you check out the sex doll, ask them for sex doll factory pictures or videos to have a better look at your doll. They will provide the different angles of sex doll body shape, and make sure it is the right one you want to buy. If the factory pictures of a sex doll are much different from the advertisement, then don’t buy it.

Big breasted sex doll wearing a bracelet

Wrap up

If you want your love doll can stay with you for a lifetime, then ready to give her careful maintenance and cleaning. If you are considering buying a sex doll and want to know how long the dolls are going to last, then this post was written for you. Following the instruction and tutorial, that way you will have a long-lived sex doll.

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