Society concern that many people might give up on human relationships entirely due to the sex doll is continuing to boom in popularity around the world, especially during the lockdown. And with the opening of love doll brothels, sex workers are worried about their job being replaced, because more men have a realistic sex doll at home rather than going out for sex worker’s service.

Will sex dolls replace sex workers in the future? Is the sex doll better than a fresh and blood sex worker? Let go find out in this article.

First thing first, what is a sex doll?

The first sex doll appeared in the 17 century which is created to relieve sexual tension during long sea voyages. Those sex dolls are made by Dutch sailors with clothes and leather to imitate the real women so that they have been called”Dutch Wives”.

Now, the sex doll is made of more realistic and soft material like, TPE and silicone, which is super durable, healthy, odorless, and easy to clean. These sex dolls have the most realistic touch feeling, lifelike outlook, and excellent durability. They have perfect body shape, realistically textured vagina, anal and mouth, and delicate makeup, and stylish dress-up.

In the past, the sex doll is a highly expensive product, but now it’s affordable. You can buy a high-quality sex doll for around $300-$1000.

American sexy young sex doll

What is a sex worker?

Sex workers are the people who receive the money for providing sex services for men or women. They are the real people who have feelings and emotions, and willing to do anything if you paid well. Why do people like to be sex workers? Sex work offers better pay and more flexible working conditions than other jobs. Some people are just struggling with poverty, that is the best and only option for them. But, there are many stereotypes about sex work as an immoral job, this is just a job they choose to, they are doing their job to support life.

Sex workers can act independently as individuals, work for a company or corporation, or work as part of a brothel. Sex workers charge their service about $100-$500 an hour, it’s expensive than having a lifelike sex doll. But, we know that prostitution exists and will continue to exist despite bans and their legal status, here are 15 countries where prostitution is legal.

sex worker

What is a sex doll brothel?

A sex doll brothel is where a place that offers sex services by sex dolls. “A sex doll brothel in Toronto where clients can pay $120 an hour and an additional $90 per half-hour to do whatever they want to the sex dolls on staff” The sex doll brothel owner will clean and prepare the doll for the next customers. 

As the high-end realistic sex doll cost at least $ 2000, so many people choose the sex doll brothel to experience rather than buying one. Besides, sex doll brothels could serve as a comfortable place for those people who fear social relationships, lack confidence, or no time to date. They won’t have to feel shy or ashamed of trying out their sexual fantasies. Sex doll brothels have the advantage of being legal in many countries where human prostitution is not.

sex worker work for money

Will sex dolls replace sex workers in the future?

A sex doll is a sex toy like dildos, vibrator. They are created by humans, and the only goal of the sex doll is to please and satisfy human needs.

The advancement of AI technology is very likely to replace the job of sex workers and winning over the sex market in the future, but no way to replace women. Women are not the products, sex toys can’t replace the human.

Sex doll has now become more and more lifelike, and some sex robot can even moan and have a conversation with you, and even remember your hobby. It could be the best sex partner to you rather than sex workers who are only charging by the hour. A sex doll can be there for a lifetime, and never leave you from other men, you just need to pay once and get lifetime joy. With sex workers, you have to pay whenever you need their service.

Sex dolls are designed and created according to the needs of men. In a word, sex dolls make up for the shortcomings of women who cannot meet certain needs of men. No matter what kind of sex fantasy you imagine, you can explore with her. She won’t judge you and criticize your lifestyle. All she cares about is you.

And a high-quality sex doll can bring you a more real experience and protect you from STDs or STIs. and it also can reduce prostitution, prevent rapes, avoid getting pregnant.

BBW Big boobs sex doll

Why some men like sex dolls more than women?

Some people may have communication problems or social anxiety with other people, they rather talk to a sex doll to avoid the human relationship. Some folks may have sex fantasies and can’t be fulfilled by their wife or girlfriend, then a sex doll can please his needs. Some disabled people or old folks also longing for sex life, but couldn’t find the one, in reality, then sex doll is the best sex partner for satisfying their desire. Furthermore, you can find more reasons that why a sex doll is better than women in our last article.

If you like blonde women, then you can have a blonde sex doll, if you like BBW women, then you can have a BBW sex doll, if you like young women, then you have a young sex doll. And they are customizable, and you can design them exactly as you want them.

Mini sex doll with her big boobs

Is shame of owning a sex doll?

No, a sex doll is a masturbation toy like a dildo, are you feel shame about having a dildo? In a word, a sex doll is here to help people release their desire for sex fantasy and achieve sexual harmony and healthy sex life. And we live in a liberal generation. Some of the most stereotypy are now publicly accepted. At this age, all you have to do is accept who you are and what you want.

Mimi young sex doll with c-cup

Wrap up

The sex doll may replace the sex worker’s job in one day. In some ways, a sex doll is better than a real woman, they don’t care what you do or don’t pressure you to change into what they expect you to be. If you want to live in peace without any emotional turmoil buy a real sex doll to enjoy life.