Can a person lose his virginity to a sex doll? Are sex dolls really the easy way out? These may be really weird questions for many folks because a sex doll is not a real woman, you can‘t lose your virginity over a doll. But we have been in this business for 5 years more, nothing is weird, there are a lot of discussions about this topic from the sex doll forums and groups, they are wondering if the sex doll is a good start for a virgin? 

Since sex doll has become increasingly popular in recent years, they are super lifelike and no different from a real woman, besides, with advanced technology, sex dolls or robots can hold a conversation, laugh at your jokes, moan when you are having sex with her. So why not a sex doll? It may help virgins who want to lose their virginity but don’t know how to find someone they can trust to be intimate with them.

However, we still maintain that is a personal choice and we can’t make the decision for you, but today we would like to put forward our opinion about why some virgins would like to buy a sex doll and help beginners to know more about sex dolls.

Should a Person Have Sex With a Sex Doll Considered To Be Losing Virginity?

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There are many different beliefs about what it means to be a virgin. Most people agree that women or men lose their virginity when they have penile-vaginal intercourse. Some people think that people having oral or anal sex is also considered as losing virginity. 

A sex doll is a type of sex toy that some people use to heighten sexual pleasure. Most people would consider that a masturbation aid, not real “sex”. Besides, there is no test for virginity. It’s lost whenever you want it to be technically. Sure it’s typically seen as the moment of penetration involving genitals and if that’s how you see it then, so you will lose your sex doll virginity, but not your sex with real person virginity.

What Are The Benefits for a Virgin to Have Sex With a Sex Doll?

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Practice Your Sex Skill Before the Big Game

Being a virgin means you are not familiar with sexual conduct. People with none sex experience can create a lot of anxiety, and some people even make up fake experiences as they don’t want to be seen to be a weirdo. So they choose a sex doll to help them overcome their sexual inexperience. 

Sex doll is a great way to improve and develop their sex skills, it will get some idea of how the real thing is going to be. Poor sex performance can hurt the man’s self-esteem and lead a couple to face bad relationships. You can practice with a sex doll in your daily routine to help you to know your body more, positions that can stimulate you, and get familiar with the women’s body.

After you have routine sex with a doll, it will enhance your sexual stamina and boost your sex performance to the next level. So when you use a sex doll beforehand, you will make your first time great and make a good impression on your girl.

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Get More Comfortable With Intimacy

Nobody would want to feel anxious while getting intimate. But it’s natural for a virgin to be nervous as they have never experienced intimacy before. They are not sure about how they feel to be touched, kissed, and hugged. So here comes the sex doll to rescue you.

Sex doll makes it possible for people who never had experienced on the bed, by using the sex doll, you will form a bond with the doll and make it easier for what happens in the next. Once you get familiar with women’s bodies, you will be comfortable with intimacy and explore more fun with her. Moreover, a sex doll can help you avoid erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.

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Make Your Fantasy Come True

Yeah, we all have some naughty fantasies, and we know that finding a real-life partner that accepts your carnal preferences can be hard.

Moreover, most virgin people, are afraid of talking about what happened in the bedroom, they thought they will be laughed at as they don’t have any sexual experience, so in this case, it’s been more difficult for them to make their fantasy come true. Thankfully, a more affordable alternative exists: sex dolls! 

These beautiful realistic sex dolls are designed for satisfying people’s sex desire and fantasy, no matter you are fantasy about a movie star, porn star, rock star, you can have whatever you like it to be. It’s unlike a real relationship, they don’t expect what you need to be, all they can offer is joy and exciting adventures. People who bought a celebrity sex doll are enjoying their life now.

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Long-term Investment Than a One-night Stand

If you need someone to practice your sex skills and also give your endless sexual pleasure, then buying a sex doll is the best investment than looking for a prostitute. Sex dolls are well-made from the material called silicone and TPE, the most popular material to make the love doll. It’s flexible, durable, safe, and odorless. So they can be used for at least 10 years and more if you take care of her properly. 

Furthermore, the cost of hiring an escort is way much than a sex doll, and it’s only for one night. If you don’t have much budget for a big size sex doll, then a mini sex doll can be a great choice to get you started. It’s easy to store and move.

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Final word

Sex dolls offer an alternative that anyone can make use of with ease. No matter you are a virgin or a single man who wants some company or a couple who likes to spice up your sex life, a sex doll will enhance your sexual pleasure in any way. 

Above all, you know that there are no right or wrong answers to this question, all you need to think about is what is right for you. If you like to remain a virgin, it’s totally ok, no one has the rights to criticize about it, if you are willing to give your first sex experience to a sex doll, it’s up to you, at least you can get rid of it easily when you are done with her.