Comparing fast and slow sex is like arguing about which is tastier: barbecue or chocolate cake. Both can be beautiful – it’s a matter of moods and personal preferences. Why is slow sex good?

5 Reasons To Have Slow Sex

We live in an age of everything fast. We buy in a matter of seconds online, we want immediate results, we eat on the run and communicate in social networks – no one often has time for personal meetings. And just as fast, we have sex. What if you slow down in bed?

Your Body Has Time To Prepare

It has long been proven that female and male sexuality are different . They can be compared with gas and electric stoves. A man flares up from one spark and goes out immediately after sex. A woman needs time to get aroused, and it takes longer to cool down. If sex is fast, the female body does not have time to prepare for penetration, the lubricant will not have time to stand out. Discomfort and pain may occur.

Your Body Has Time To Prepare

And vice versa. If the sex is slow and the partner has given enough time to the foreplay, the woman is more likely to enjoy it. Yes, and a man too: they need foreplay no less than women do.

You Tune Into Each Other

Sex turns into joint creativity, where you breathe in unison, your movements are harmonious and pleasant. From two autonomous personalities, you turn into a single whole – physically and emotionally.

Your Sex Becomes More Conscious

Mindfulness in sex is very important, whether you are having sex with a long-time partner, or are about to engage is a night of unknowns with a London escort. You live each other’s every movement, feel every touch. Your thoughts are not wandering around and you are completely focused on the process.

Better Understand Your Body

When sex is slow, you clearly understand the signals of the body, how different parts of it react to touch. Clamps and stiffness go away.

Better Understand Your Body

Your body relaxes and plunges into the process of passion, joy, tenderness, and as a result, you are more likely to have an orgasm. With foreplay, the right attitude, awareness, and attention to care that the body is saturated with during slow sex-these are the components of a bright and successful finale.