Our realistic sex doll will last 10 years and more, please follow the simple and easy sex dolls care guide to prolong the life of the love dolls even more.

How to clean sex doll?

All of our realistic sex dolls are packed with a cleaning kit inside. Our sex doll is extremely well-made, and please use the doll properly, so that the vaginal area never wears down, and other body parts can never fall out easily, but proper cleaning and maintenance will prolong the life of the doll even more. Here we prepare the simple steps for you:

Please note: Do not wash the doll with chemically hazardous detergents and liquid, do not put the doll in the bathtub to wash and soak.

Step 1: Please remove the head, clothes, and wigs from the doll’s body, and don’t shed water directly from the head, because the neck can be damaged. Then use warm water to wipe the head gently with clean towel because some sex dolls are not as much heat resistant.

Step 2: Wash or shower the doll’s body with soapy water. Insert the sponge into the vagina or anus, and use forceps to move it around the orifice until the inside is thoroughly cleaned. You are also allowed to use a vaginal irrigator and handheld showerhead to wash the private parts.

Step 3: Rinse the whole body again with clean water, please avoid the head and neck. 

After cleaning, let the doll dry in a cool area away from direct sunlight, you can wipe it with a towel, and then apply talcum powder that good for protecting the doll’s skin. Do not use a hairdryer, just wait for it to dry naturally. 

How to store a sex doll?

  • Store the doll in a dry and clean place. Void bathrooms or garages where may cause damage to the doll.
  • Please note that the doll should be away from direct sunlight, too much dust, and high-temperature place, and do not put heavy objects on the doll, which will deform it.
  • If you want to store the body and head separately, then you can use a hook to hang her body around her neck or use the head holder to store the doll’s head. Our sex dolls shop has a hook and head frame to help you to better store the doll.
  • Keep the doll away from open flames.

Where to hide the sex doll?

If you are afraid of the sex doll can be seen by your family or your girlfriend, here are some best places to hide your love doll:

  • Under the bed
  • Bed storage boxes
  • The shipping box/crate
  • In your closet